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April 25, 2012

New Navajo water rights theft documents: 'Pollack fear document'

New Navajo whistleblower documents on theft of Navajo water rights

Navajos respond to discrimination at water rights hearings; and the 'fear' document from Navajo Nation water attorney Stanley Pollack, see two original documents below

By Dine' Hada Asidi
Posted at Censored News

Dear Elders, Youth, Children, Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, Uncles, Sons and Daughters
Here is a summary document with great background research information, showing just some of the untruths, misrepresentations, and deliberate omission of information being to by Pollack, to the President, Water Commission, and Pollack's other supporters. 
The attached document was prepared in response to the Navajo Nations lawyer Stanley Pollack's "FEAR" document. The research contained in this document is meant to educate and develop informed questions when attending Water Workshops, Conferences, Hearings, and Forums.
Some of the falsehoods they spread are beyond shocking.  The falsehoods are clearly violations of informed consent, human rights, and legal ethics applied to lawyers. We have a team working on these issues in another paper.
Also, the English use limitations in Tuba were violations of the Navajo Bill of Rights "freedom of speech" provision.  Any county officers aiding this, or if any of this takes place in a county or state school building, it is a violation of our U.S. Constitutional rights. 
They (Shelly, Pollack's supporters, etc.)  did not impose that English limit in Ganado so that Theresa Showa, a non speaker of Navajo and a big Pollack supporter, could speak and speak longer than just about anyone else.  That's also a violation of the equal treatment provision in the Navajo Bill of Rights.
These hearings are discriminatory, rigged, and violations of our rights by our own People.   Now we know how tribal people felt in the 1800s when the Army recruited scouts from their own members to help hunt them down.
Then there is age discrimination.  The youth were excluded from Pinon.  It's their future we're discussing.  What kind of example is this for the youth.
Also, the BIA/BIE schools are prohibiting student and faculty free speech on the S. 2109 or any water rights issue.   Those are the kinds of schools Pollack's supporters must have gone to.
This Has Been Prepared For The People and By The People
Thank you six final writers/editors who labored on the attached all afternoon and part of tonight.

Hada' Asidi Response to Pollack Memo to Naize
. Pollack's Memo to Naize Apr 16 (2)

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