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April 13, 2012

Censored this week: Native Voices: April 13, 2012

CENSORED: Indigenous Peoples protecting the rights of Mother Earth, and Navajos and Hopis battling the theft of their water rights

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Censored News shares with you this week the Indigenous voices from the Rights of Mother Earth gathering at Haskell Indian Nations University, Kansas. It continues the efforts from the gathering in Cochabamba, Bolivia, with videos by Govinda at Earthcycles.
In another series, Censored News shares with readers the voices of Navajos and Hopis opposing the theft of water rights to the Little Colorado River. It is a scheme by Arizona Congressmen and corrupt Navajo officials, designed to give water to dirty coal-fired power plants and non-Indians downriver in Arizona.
The media spin is already underway, with Native media publishing propaganda promoting the dirty coal fired power plant, Navajo Generating Station.

Rights of Mother Earth at Haskell
Kandi Mossett: Fort Berthold ND: Oil trucks killed seven children and youths
Ecuador Indigenous Marlon Santi at Haskell: Rights of Mother Earth gathering continues efforts of Bolivia President Evo Morales:
Sundance Chief Rueben George, BC, at Haskell, grandson of Chief Dan George:
Anishinaabe Renee Gurneau of Red Lake, Minn: Mother Earth, memory and being
Supai Hopi Mona Polacca: Water, prayer and humility, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Haskell professor Dr. Daniel Wildcat of Rights of Mother Earth: Power and place
Dine' Robert Yazzie: Roots of Dine' Law at Rights of Mother Earth

Arizona Congressmen, and corrupt Navajo officials, scheme to steal Navajo and Hopi water rights for non-Indians and corporations
Navajo government hires firm to push through theft of water rights
Three former Hopi chairmen and former Navajo president oppose Arizona senators water theft:
Dine' Calvin Johnson: Talk of getting water to Navajos is hogwash!
Navajos and Hopis protest McCain Kyl water theft scheme:
Video: Upset Navajos and Hopis protest McCain Kyl water theft scheme:
The collapse of journalism magnified in Tuba City:
Ed Becenti: Arizona senators coming to steal Navajo Hopi water rights:

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