Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 23, 2014

Photos Tucson Peace Fair 2014: Defenders of Human Rights!

Never giving up, Isabel Garcia, Derechos Humanos, battling for migrants rights
Raging Grannies taking on Obama, singing of Obama's broken promises
Hopi Foundation's 'Owl and Panther' poetry and arts for children victims of torture and exile
Iskashitaa Refugee Network sustainable community: Harvesting Hope, Empowering Dreams
'Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime' No More Deaths rescuing dying migrants in the desert 



Tucson Peace Fair, Saturday, Feb. 22. 2014 Photos by Brenda Norrell

In Tucson, Arizona, tireless human rights defenders continue, with their live and let live philosophy. From rescuing dying migrants at the border, to fighting the Keystone XL pipeline, to Raging Grannies taking on Obama for broken promises, Tucson is a singular place. The Hopi Foundation's Owl and Panther program is a place of poetry and arts for children victims of torture and exile, while Iskashitaa Refugee Network is "Harvesting Hope and Empowering Dreams," with handcrafts by refugee women. Working for global peace, and battling open pit mining, Rosemont copper mine, and the TPP, the struggles continues in Tucson.

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