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February 26, 2014

Mohawk Nation News 'Earth Changing News!'


Mohawk Nation News  M.T. Keshe of Iran has released to the world a brand new techonology using natural gravity and magnetism to decontaminate everything on earth. With the same principles, energy can be created by everyone for free.KESHE: FUKUSHIMA CLEAN-UP.

He instructs the common man on how to use this simple humankind changing technology. This is the most important discovery since Serbian inventor, Nikola Tesla, invented AC electricity. Tesla tried to make his technology available to everyone on earth. His frère energy technology was blocked by J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison until now. We thank Mr. Keshe for his contribution to humankind and for taking Tesla’s work to the next step.
Wow! Peace is breaking out worldwide!
Wow! Peace is breaking out worldwide!
The black serpent [US/EU/NATO] is trying to desperately create world war III because they know they’re finished. They don’t wan to go down alone. they want to take everyone with them.
Keshe warns that this new technology renders all weapons of war obsolete.
As Dekanawida said, “When we finally get to where were supposed to be, all the weapons of war will be buried under the tree of peace for all time”.
All people of the world, rejoice! As Bob Marley points out to us, “Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright!”. “Three Little Birds”.Go to the MNN Home Page and download the “Kaianerekowa”, the Great Law of Peace.weapon under tree
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