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May 7, 2014

Joye Braun: Proud to be Lakota in the KXL fight at Bridger

Joye Braun: Proud to be Lakota in the KXL fight at Bridger

Joye Braun halting a megaload recently
By Joye Braun, Chyenne River Lakota
Censored News

CHEYENNE RIVER, South Dakota -- Had a FANTASTIC visit on the way home last night with Joseph White Eyes. He has some IDEAS peeps! You should listen to him. 
I love it when I get to visit with people like this. I do believe we need to be more economically independent as a NATION of Lakota, so yeah I do believe in gardens, family gardens, community gardens, wind power, solar power, and water power, and all that good stuff. 
We decided that yeah we will put in a garden while we are at Bridger, utilize all that cow dung around the place as fertilizer and the chicken poo from the chicken coop, and compost too to add amendments to the soil down there.
Yes, we are in this for the long haul peeps. You see since President Obama has to wait for Nebraska to make some kind of decision because their governor tried to bypass the Nebraska constitution, Obama and Kerry have to wait until November to make some kind of decision on KXL.
So we will be in Bridger praying and working on sustainability and education. I want to put up that booth alongside the highway and get some signs up inviting tourists to stop in and visit with us and learn. We got so much to do people! I seriously hope you all are considering coming down to help, because we need help!
We NEED YOU!! we need you to come down, even its for a day to help build, things, to man a booth, to help cook, to help in the garden, to gather wood. If its for a couple of days or for a couple months, whatever you can do. We need the people of Cherry Creek and Red Scaffold and Takini to come down and support us.
I know May is a hard month. It’s busy with graduations and all kinds of stuff going on, but consider it. Your communities are on the front lines of this transcanada attack. They made this line in the sand. We didn’t. We are only responding to what transcanada is trying to do to our people.
They are the ones that want to bring the mancamps near us and put our women and children in jeopardy. These men in these mancamps use facebook to look for young girls as young as 12 years old! You young men especially please step up and come out and help! There were two young men from Red Scaffold last night that came out to Afraid of Hawks. I was so impressed with them. These are the kinds of warriors we need to step it up!! SO happy when I get to meet our people like this! just makes me glad to be LAKOTA!!

The Cheyenne River spiritual camp resisting the Keystone XL tarsands pipeline has immediate needs for a chainsaw, axes and wheelbarrow.

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