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May 9, 2014

Leadhorse Choctaw sharing stickball game in El Salvador

July 2014: New! Read Leadhorse Choctaw's Journal Overland through the Americas
By Leadhorse Choctaw
Censored News

Leadhorse Choctaw continues his journey to the south, overland through Central and South America, sharing the traditional stickball game with Indigenous Peoples. Now in El Salvador, he encourages new friends and relatives in the south to come to the world series of stickball in mid-July hosted by the Choctaw in Mississippi.

Leadhorse Choctaw said of the top photo, “The generations will keep the peace between our people from north to south. These are young journalists and now are stickball players also, shared the knowledge of the stars, calendars and the knowledge of the Kabocca Towa stickball game and the meanings of the the sticks, ball and play. Will keep sharing peace to all our people and return to share that knowledge with the people in the north. The head and body will work as one.”
See more photos from the journey in Honduras:

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