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May 16, 2014

Mohawk Nation News 'Shawn Brant speaks on missing murdered girls and women'


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MNN. May 16, 2014. The murders of thousands of Indigenous women and girls is part of the continuing genocide and a strategy to control us, the survivors. Girls as young as 10 years old are being snatched and coerced into prostitution, sex slavery and then murdered. The occupying forces kidnap, rape, traffic and kill them. Canada refusing to investigate these crimes constitutes genocide and an act of war.

Women run the global kitchens.
Women worldwide have the babies and run the global kitchens.

Indigenous women are the reproducers in the community. They are destroyed as part of ethnic cleansing. Third world living conditions are designed to force our girls to flee their homes. Those who return are meant to bring social chaos and diseases.
Amnesty International reports that racial sexual abuse and murder are a military strategy. State backed troops and police act with impunity. Civilian women and children are attacked to eliminate, perpetuate social control and ethnic cleansing.missing women
This is Part 1 of the Voice of Russia interview of Shawn Brant of the Mohawk community of Tyendinaga.  Listen to  Voice of Russia interview of Shawn Brant.
No More Stolen Sisters Amnesty International Report.
Learn about peace. MNN 7-hour video and book, Mohawk and English. Great Law Video.  “Gayanerekowa, the Great Law of Peace”. Great Law Book. “The Confusion between the Great Law and the Handsome Lake Code”, Handsome_Lake_Code_OPT.pdf
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