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May 16, 2014

Solidarity in France with Censored News

With special thanks for solidarity with Censored News in France from Vinz Haymarket, and Chris and Theo!

Watch Klee Benally in France with Slim Paddy and Vinz (Haymarket)
"Brighter Than Stars" by Klee Benally, Slim Paddy and Vinz (Haymarket) from Christine Prat on Vimeo.

March 1st 2014

January 8th 2013

November 29th 2012

Photos of demos, the location, support shows, etc.

Video Klee Benally at ‘La ZAD’, October 19th 2013

Klee Benally à la Zad, 'One Brutal Violent Machine' et 'A Matter of Action' from Christine Prat on Vimeo.

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