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December 27, 2015

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Casinos, crime, Indian country media, Israel

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The exposure of the new owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reveals the ties between casino-owned media, crime and influence. It also reveals a connection with Israel.
Further, the exposure reveals a connection to the Oneida Nation in New York, which is wealthy from casino revenues, and is the owner of Indian Country Today.
The new owner of the Las Vegas newspaper is Sheldon Adelson, casino owner and Israeli newspaper owner.
Follow the money:
In a bizarre exposure, Adelson and the owners of Indian Country Today are linked by being the top donors to the ultra conservative Patriot Prosperity, as revealed by
Adelson's Drug Clinic, and his Sands Casino, were the top donors to Patriot Prosperity in 2012.
The Oneida Nation was the top donor in 2014 to Patriot Prosperity.
As previously revealed by Censored News, Israeli corporations have been gaining major US contracts in the Southwest.
US Homeland Security gave the southern border surveillance contract to Israel's Elbit Systems, responsible for Apartheid security surrounding Palestine. Elbit is now constructing spy towers on the Arizona border and is targeting traditional Tohono O'odham with new spy towers.
The construction of the mega solar project Ivanpah in the Mojave Desert in the Southern California Desert, desecrating Sacred Salt Song Trail, was done by Israel's BrightSource.This was exposed after President Obama claimed the construction was proof of a rebounding US economy.
The Las Vegas Review-Journal's new owner's identity was previously secret and now the editorial staff is fighting for its journalistic soul.
Read the article in 972 Magazine, which includes a bizarre crime scenario:
The Indian country issues requiring unbiased coverage in Nevada include the theft of Pyramid Lake Paiute water rights; the threat of nuclear waste storage on Western Shoshone's Yucca Mountain; and the widespread contamination in Western Shoshone communities, and throughout Nevada, from the Nuclear Test Site.


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