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December 27, 2015

Chasing McCain Away: Brazen Acts of Native Americans in 2015

Chasing McCain off Navajo Nation
The brazen acts that the cardboard Flim Flam man of new media didn't want you to know in 2015

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat
Apaches protesting Sen. McCain's
copper mine on sacred Oak Flat

Censored News pick for the most brazen act of 2015: Navajos Chasing Arizona Sen. John McCain off the Navajo Nation. Fabulously called "Sneaky Snake McCain," by San Carlos Apaches fighting McCain's new copper mine with McCain's best buddies at Resolution Copper, McCain's status as a bottom feeder is absolute. 

The fact that McCain is still on the US Senate Committee for Indian Affairs reveals that the Committee was set up to steal Indian land and water rights, and dupe everyone else into believing that the US system works.

Meanwhile, US Homeland Security gave the southern border security contract to Israel's defense contractor Elbit Systems, manufacturer of drones and Apartheid systems surrounding Palestine. 

Now, Elbit is on the southern border of Arizona and pushing its new spy towers on Tohono O'odham land in traditional O'odham communities. 

The District of Gu-Vo has said, "No!" to these spy towers which target traditional O'odham burial grounds.

However, Tohono O'odham human rights activists point out that the tribal government was long ago co-opted by the US government and is powerless to protect the Tohono O'odham people from the onslaught of the oppression of the US government and its new partner Israel.

The Bottom Line: Peabody Coal on Black Mesa

Louise Benally
Photo Christine Prat

Louise Benally of Big Mountain, testifying before the Bureau of Land Management about coal mining in Farmington, N.M, said it best this year.

Although the regional media has been bought and sold with Peabody Coal's dollars and the surrounding parasitic political influence, Louise Benally describes the 40-year-resistance to coal mining, relocation and McCain, in her testimony to the BLM:

In my community of Black Mesa in 1974 there was a Congressional legislation known as Public Law 93531 that was passed to remove 10,000 Navajos, 300 Hopis to make way for Peabody coal company. 

As of today BLM is the major owner of Navajo Generating Station, and if we're going to talk about climate change justice for all, let's shut Navajo Generating Station down! Because it is allowed to continue to pollute and to kill people. This is ongoing as of today. 

I want that you as the people of the Department of the Interior do your activities and call the Hopi government to stop impounding people's animals. The sheep, the goats, the horses, the cattle is what we live off of. That's our food. That's our economy. That's all we have. 

We don't have electricity. We don't have running water. 

Yet the power that is pumped out of Black Mesa goes down to where John McCain is laid out in the sun with his shades on, and he needs to stop stealing our water. 

The Colorado River, he's after again, after we told him so many times no.

The utility companies, they eat the earth up here, suck out her breath out, so they can get electricity and, you know, we are left with nothing. Period. Nothing. Except ourselves and what we have. But yet these coal companies are polluting our air, killing our environment, killing our people through actions of flawed policies. This needs to stop. We're sick and tired of your greed!

Throughout the continent, the Arctic drilling needs to stop. The pipeline for the oils in the Midwest need to stop that's coming out of Alberta. You're sending all that to other countries. India and China needs to be taught how to convert to renewable energies that don't pollute. That's the only hope we have.

Now, do your job. Make that change.

US Border Patrol: An Occupying Army

On the issues of the occupying Army of the US Border Patrol on Tohono O'odham land, and what this means for sovereignty, Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham, and Mark Maracle, Mohawk Warrior, said it best.

Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham, described documenting the abuse by the US Border Patrol and an increase in violence toward O'odham by border agents. Wilson described the US Border Patrol as an occupying army on the Tohono O'odham Nation.

"The Tohono O'odham tribal government has completely surrendered to the US Homeland Security,” Wilson said in the live broadcast of the AIM West Conference in November.

Wilson said people ask him why -- if the Tohono O’odham is sovereign -- is the US Border Patrol on the Tohono O’odham Nation. "In Indian country, we are not sovereign nations, we are not even sovereign people,” Wilson said.

In response, Mohawk Warrior Mark Maracle said that Mohawks do not wait for anyone to tell them that they are sovereign. "You don't have sovereignty unless you assert sovereignty,” Maracle told Censored News.

“The United States and Mexico are not sovereign nations.”
“We tell them we are sovereign. We don’t wait for them to tell us that we are sovereign. We tell them. If you want sovereignty, you have to make sacrifices.”
Maracle said Mohawks have stood up against the state police, federal agents and all forms of government.
"We keep reminding them that this land belongs to us,” Maracle said.
Maracle said it is the same as dealing with bullies and cowards. “They have to remember the power is in the people.”
“The worst enemies are our own people, the ones who are traitors. Traitors for the invaders.”
Media in 2015: Cardboard Con Artists Flop in the Shade
The most censored issue in 2015 includes the media itself. A cardboard stand-up Flim Flam man now flounders where journalism once stood.

Here's how the system works. The national American Indian media and websites deceive their readers into believing that they actually have reporters out covering the news. It is a massive system of fraud, which uses plagiarism, re-writes and stay-at-home reporters who make phone calls to disguise the plagiarism. 

With copy and paste, they plagiarize from the web without permission, and rewrite to avoid being present which would mean carrying out real journalism. They rewrite press releases and steal copyrighted photos and get paid to do it.

Funding to pay for real journalism is not the issue. Indian Country Today is owned by the wealthy Oneida Nation of New York. ICT terminated its real journalists, who actually went out and covered news stories, beginning in 2006, and replaced reporters with stay at home re-writers and plagiarizers. 

Indianz is owned by the wealthy Ho-Chunk Inc. of Nebraska. Ho-Chunk Inc. also received a contract from the US government for domestic and international spying, with an office at the Pentagon. 

What is the real agenda of the national media? You decide.

Why did Navajo Times continue to rely on non-Indian reporters in 2015 for much of its coverage, when the majority of Native American journalists can not find jobs?

The point is control. Are publishers and editors in Indian country afraid that they can not control authentic Native American journalists?

Perhaps publishers and editors are afraid that the real issues might be laid bare -- including the fact that Sen. McCain's goal has been to rob Native people -- while riding in their parades as a faux hero.

Perhaps it is hard to keep real reporters quiet about the three coal-fired power plants on the Navajo Nation and the fact that they are leading dirty coal polluters in the world.

Perhaps real reporters would point out the Raytheon Missile factory on the Navajo commercial farm, NAPI, and question if years of planting with Monsanto seeds on NAPI has resulted in the mutation of traditional local crops.

As for the national news in Indian country, it is clear now that the deep pockets of casino funding have not created a new age of authentic journalism.

Casino funded national news has resulted in a new era of plagiarism, fraud and short cuts.

The Rest of the Story that the Media Concealed

Meanwhile, the media never told you the rest of the story. Former Navajo Chairman Peter MacDonald never took that multi-million dollar bribe from real estate broker Byron "Bud" Brown for the real estate flip sale of Big Boquillas ranch.

McDonald went to jail and prison for a decade. Brown later admitted in federal court that Brown put those millions in Brown's offshore bank account. Brown admitted in federal court that he had lied under oath, and received immunity from the US government to do it. 

Brown's long stream of lies under oath came as the US government wanted to silence MacDonald in regards to Navajo water rights.

MacDonald planned to press for the Winter's Doctrine water rights for Navajos in federal court, ensuring Navajos would have their rights to expansive water rights needed for future generations. 

However, with the intervention of non-Indian attorneys, employed by the tribe, MacDonald went to prison, and the Winter's Doctrine water rights were lost.

The schemes for defrauding American Indian Nations of their water rights has now spread across the west. The schemes of the so-called water rights settlements are carried out by Congressmen and non-Indian attorneys employed by the tribes.

Sen. Gosar called cops on Apache
Meanwhile, Apaches continue to fight the copper mine that Sen. McCain sneaked into the defense spending bill, which would desecrate Oak Flat ceremonial grounds by gouging out the earth for a massive copper mine for Resolution Copper.

When San Carlos Apache led a delegation to Washington to fight the bill, and defend sacred Oak Flat, Apache grandmothers went calling on Rep. Paul Gosar in his Congressional office in Washington. 

Gosar called the cops on them.

Meanwhile, Apaches continue their resistance camp at Oak Flat.

When it comes to defending Oak Flat, Apache youth Naelyn Pike, 16, granddaughter of Wendsler Nosie, rose to the forefront. Listen to her words on this video, at Oak Flat, by Christine Prat:

The bottom line is the slow and toxic genocide in Indian country, carried out by the US government, corrupt tribal officials, Congressmen, non-Indian attorneys, and the big players in the red light district: The media who can be bought and sold.

Now you know the rest of the story.
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Brenda Norrell has been a news reporter in Indian country for 33 years. She began as a reporter for Navajo Times, during the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation. She was a stringer for AP and USA Today during those years, covering the Navajo Nation and federal courts. After serving as a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today in the Southwest, she was censored, then terminated in 2006. Because of this, she created Censored News, with no advertising, grants or revenues, to expose what Indian Country Today was censoring. Since 2006, she has traveled with the Zapatistas through Mexico, and provided live coverage of events throughout the west, and the Mother Earth Conference in Bolivia, without pay.

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