Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

December 2, 2015

Native American Voices from Home: Videos for COP21: Big Mountain and Oak Flat

Vidéo enregistrée le 10 septembre 2015, chez Louise Benally, à Big Mountain
 Photo and video by Christine Prat: Louise Benally, Dine' on Big Mountain, resisting relocation as Peabody Coal continues to deplete the springs and aquifer. 

Apache Wendsler Nosie photo by Christine Prat

Defending Apaches sacred Oak Flat from Arizona Sen. John McCain's copper mine sneaked into the US defense spending bill.

Interview de Wendsler Nosie, Apache San Carlos from Christine Prat on Vimeo.
Photo by Christine Prat
Apache youth Naelyn Pike speaks out on the importance of ceremonies at sacred Oak Flat, now targeted as the site of a massive copper mine.

Oak Flat: interview de Naelyn Pike, 17 septembre 2015 from Christine Prat on Vimeo.

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