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March 13, 2016

Native Protesters Halt Utah Senate over Genocide Deniers

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Breaking news from the Utah Senate.
Native Americans halt Senate over Senate genocide denier Sen. Todd Weiler. Weiler blocked efforts to rid Utah of Columbus Day and insulted Indigenous Peoples as he denied the history of Columbus and genocide.
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Media's message in the headlines
What's in a headline? It is the message of the specific media. Here are some headlines from yesterday when Native protesters halted the Utah Senate, which comes after genocide deiner Sen. Todd Weiler blocked legislation to rid Utah of Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day. Censored News headline: "Native Protesters Halt Utah Senate over Genocide Deniers." Salt Lake Tribune chose this headline, which of course seeks to blame the protesters: "Protesters ousted from Senate gallery for shouting about Indigenous Peoples Day bill." Utah Political Capitol chose: "AIM Protest Shuts Down Senate," and included this report: "... Angry shouts of “You’re on stolen land!,” and “Stop treating us like we’re dead! We’re still here, you know ?!” reverberated along the marbled walls normally reserved for polite and ordered discussion." -- Brenda, Censored News

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