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January 11, 2017

'Don't Frack Chaco' Feds to Auction Land for Fracking -- Santa Fe Jan. 17, 2017

Don't Frack Chaco

Event info:
On January 25th the BLM is slated to auction off online 843 more acres of public land in Greater Chaco for fracking. These parcels have been already been deferred three times. Meanwhile, BLM still hasn't finished the amendment to the Resource Management Plan to finally study fracking impacts in the area; the current comment period ends on Feb 20th. 
On January 17th Daniel and tri-chapter Presidents will meet with BLM State Director Amy Lueders and ask that she cancel the upcoming oil and gas lease sale. From 10-11AM we will rally outside the BLM State Office and hold a press conference with statements from affected residents and supporters. We will also deliver statements of support calling for Chaco protection and strengthening the demand to cancel the lease sale. If opportunity exists, some will then go to the Roundhouse to lobby NM Representatives and elevate the call for Greater Chaco protection. We will host a community lunch at 1 PM for our visitors. 

Rebecca Sobel
Ways to plug in:
  • Share the Facebook event (and attached graphics).
  • Join us January 17th. Bring banners, signs, and visual materials for photos. 
  • Send statements of support for Chaco protection to Miya King-Flaherty. We are re-devliering previously submitted comments and statements.
  • Join a work group below. 


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