Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

January 30, 2017

Indigenous Women to Bank of North Dakota: Stop Loan to Militarize Police at Standing Rock

Militarized police pointing out journalists at Standing Rock. Photo copyright Rob Wilson

Press statement
Censored News

STANDING ROCK, North Dakota -- On Tuesday, January 31, a delegation of women who have been camping in Standing Rock, in peaceful protest against a water threatening pipeline, will deliver a letter to the president of the Bank of North Dakota asking him to stop a loan that would unjustifiably militarize police against peaceful and lawful protesters at Standing Rock. This letter is a response to North Dakota legislation that enables the state of North Dakota to borrow 8 million dollars to fight unarmed protesters and a peaceful prayer camp.
"We are not here to fight the police. We are here to protect the Missouri River from a harmful pipeline."
"As Indigenous women it is our duty to advocate for the Mother Earth, the elderly, infant, disabled, and those who can not speak for themselves."
"We ask Bank of North Dakota to Please stop funding police violence against First Nations people and Peaceful Americans exercising their first amendment right."

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