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January 2, 2017

Mohawk Nation News 'Deranged Matrix'


Mohawk Nation News
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MNN. JAN. 2, 2017. Resistance starts with truth and plain speaking which defeats the corporate matrix. The American & European matrix is designed and controlled by the private corporation/US government. Rules are for profit for its shareholders and investors based on theft, murder, lying and cheating.
Well armed government sponsored mercenaries carry out the national and international agenda to assassinate millions who resist the theft of resources and destroy nature.

At Standing Rock the matrix is being pulled in different directions. Corporate tribal and band councils are given control without accountability and given immunity from criminal charges. They are part of the matrix. Brutality against us increases when they lose control of the corporate “project”.
US is the world’s largest arms dealer, selling to all sides of the conflict. Robots are weapons of mass destruction to control the world. The genocide of over 100 million onkwe’hon:weh of the Western Hemisphere is hidden.
Their corporate propaganda openly misleads us.
The false morality is based on “I’m sorry, “Please forgive me” and prayers. When we are mistreated and dying, we are encouraged to be stoic and pray for a superman to rescue us. Our original instructions are to use our instincts to survive by any means necessary. All wrongs must be made right.
American society serves the rulers, bound by corporate rules and regulations at every turn. The hierarchy is designed to pit everybody against each other. The rulers and their henchmen sit on all corporate control boards that run every aspect of our lives. 
Sickness and confusion is the agenda. We have always been falsely labelled as terrorists and deviants because we never let them destroy the kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace.
Western language [English] is designed to enforce the corporation’s will. Original people’s languages, songs and ceremonies are based on the natural will of creation.
The Western matrix is war. The result of their dependence on this false matrix is infertility, low birthrate, strange sicknesses and people with no connection to families, land and the natural world.
Unnatural thinking leads to prevalent deviant behavior, such as pedophilia, rapes, child molestation, serial killing, racism and desecration of our mother. This addiction to “owistah”, greed, is passed on to subsequent generations. 
State history is illusion and lies written and promoted by the corporation. Man-made “beliefs” in unproveable fables rather than questioning everything underlies a refusal to accept and care for the perfect reality, nature. Pray and a phantom superhero will appear is the mind control of the public. Our will is based on our original instructions from creation.
We do not have to suffer when those who are tormenting us do not suffer. We can avoid the fear, pain and death they cause by adhering to the original instructions.
The US Army’s massacred over 300 Sioux at Wounded Knee on December 29, 1890 on behalf of the corporation. Floyd Red Crow Westerman sings about the continuing genocide: “You put me in a white man’s school, follow the golden rule. You put me in Chicago one cold December day – relocation, extermination. Wounded Knee, I want to be free… “.
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Corporate tribal council seizes donations

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gbossa said...

Those of us from European ancestors must awaken from our dream world and stand with our Native sisters and brothers to resist the world destroying machine WE have created. There is no other way out of this matrix, and voting for "change" is as delusional praying for change. Resistance is the only way forward.