Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

January 18, 2017

Obama Denies Peltier Request for Commutation of Prison Sentence




T Hawk said...

May Leonard's family find the peace and strength that is needed in these times of much pain and division and may they be blessed by the Great Spirit that will watch over their father, uncle , brother, grandfather and Hunka relative. Leonard has always said that his life is his Sundance "Wiwang Wachapi" a prayer that he done and respected as much if not equal to answering the call of traditional elders and the sacred ones " As he seen them" I find that unselfishly giving of himself without asking nothing in return. Those are traits that made our warriors consider themselves the "Best Men on Earth" understanding of nature. When people , such as artist like Bodmer and Maximilian and Catlin not to mention countless other people that befriended tribesmen of the plains were well protected and felt safe amongst the villages that made up the Great Sioux Nation. Leonard is no different, " The Great Spirit will bless our brother and those that are disrespected by this government" we will continue to keep in touch with our brother Sundance. Aho

Unknown said...

These crazy loones are obviously protecting themselves.
Lord please help me find an attorney!
He had the good sense to free Oscar Lopez Rivera. Of course the information came out that an informant was paid over 1 million $ to set them up.