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January 18, 2017

National Guard missile launchers aimed at Standing Rock Water Protectors


Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The National Guard has two missile launchers aimed at Standing Rock water protectors. One of the Avengers, which can be armed with rotating guns and surface to air missiles, is shown above.
Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier admitted the missile launchers were in place, but said they were not yet loaded.
Within a day of being exposed by water protectors in the media, the North Dakota National Guard said today, Tuesday, it is removing the missile launchers aimed at Standing Rock, where water protectors withstand severe cold to defend the Missouri River from Dakota Access Pipeline.
Tonight, live feeds from Backwater Bridge show tear gas and rubber bullets fired at water protectors.
Read more on the missile launchers aimed at Standing Rock:


Unknown said...

It reminds you of the hotchkiss guns(rotating cannons that fired 3.2 inch exploding shells)that were positioned above Chief Big Foot's peaceful camp at Wounded Knee. Just after Christmas, December 29th,1890 shortly after 8 o'clock in the morning, the Seventh Cavalry demanded their guns,which they needed to provide for their families.As the soldiers searched the camp, frisking people, a shot rang out.and the Hotchkiss guns opened fire. There were 120 men and 180 women and children in camp that day.Because of the advent of photography,146 bodies were thrown into an open grave at Wounded Knee. Usually the sky would be black with buzzards after these massacres and the next generation would forget. We must never forget that we own the land and the government has never stopped trying to justify the breaking of treaties by instigating war. If they can't kill you justifiably,they will try to get you to sign the back of a a billion dollar out-of-court settlement check for your homeland.If the elders take that settlement, they will be the ones throwing future generations into a mass grave.

Ajijaak said...

What are they planning to bring out next is the question? Please everyone stay safe as you can at Standing Rock and other actions across Turtle Island.