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Friday, November 10, 2017

Dineh Leona Morgan 'NO NUKES!' at U.N. Climate Summit COP23

Photos by Marcus Atkinson

Leonard Peltier Concert was Wonderful Success

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Greetings Friend, Family and Supporters;

It has been an amazing 2 weeks since we opened the National Office here in Tampa, FL. I have had so much help from Leonard's supporters here in FL. We are going to be putting Leonard's card in a wonderful gift shop, on the Suwanee River run by a longtime supporter. Tampa area supporters are planning an art show in the near future. Others have volunteer to help me scan the 10 boxes of (FOIA) Freedom of Information) papers and other documents needed to be researched by Leonard's legal team.
We did our first radio Peltier Update on WMNF 88.5 FM Two Worlds Indigenous Radio. We will have a 20-min slot every other Sunday from 10:05-10:25. Our next report will be on Nov. 19th. This show is produced here in Tampa and reaches the prison in Coleman so Leonard is able to hear it.
As you all know there was a concert in Tulsa last Monday evening, and David Hill and I were there to represent the Committee. Kari Ann is still suffering with back issues so she was saddened she couldn't attend. It was outstanding! We were able to introduce Leonard and his case to a new audience. All the performers talked about Leonard throughout their performance!
I would like to share a note that Connie Nelson, one of the organizers has wrote:
What a night Nov 6, 2017 was in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
_ Johnny Buschardt and I want to say thank you to all artists, fans and supporters for a night of magic for Leonard's Defense.
_ Although we didn't raise as much money as we had hoped, we did raise some and as Peter Coyote so appropriately stated, "If we did nothing more, we showed Leonard he was not abandoned!"

_ We feel that Hurricane Harvey and the numerous fundraisers for people left homeless and without transportation hurt our ticket sales. Leonard, being the man he is, asked us to hold off on advertising for the show because "those people needed it much more than he did!"
_ We will continue to do various types of fundraisers in the coming months. I told Leonard, "We're not free until you are free!"

_ Doksha! Connie Nelson_
The Committee and Leonard would like to thank everyone involved with the concert, and want to let them know that the money raised went directly into Leonard Legal Trust account, and the money will be put to good use by the lawyers and researchers, working for his freedom.
I personally want to thank all our supporters who helped us make the move, who have helped build Leonard's Legal Trust Account, and who are continuing to help us at our new office.
But the struggle it is not over! And here are a few ways you can help us:
-Check out the Art & Shop pages on for paintings and gifts for the upcoming holidays.
-Join us on our Twitter Blast, every Thursday from 6 to 6 with the following Tweet to Pres. Trump!
.@DonaldTrump Please Pardon Leonard Peltier 89637-132 "Gov says they don't know who shot the agents" return Leonard home to his family @PeltierHQ #donaldtrump
-Write a letter to Warden Roy Cheatam- USP Coleman 1 P.O. Box 1023 Coleman FL. 33521, ask him why Leonard has not been transferred to a Federal Facility closer to his home, or when are they going to take care of the medical problem with his hip, which has been causing him so much pain over the last 2 years.
-And last but not least: a check, money order or Pay Pal always helps to build Leonard's Legal Trust account so the lawyers can do the necessary work for Leonard's freedom.
If you are in the Tampa/St. Pete area and would like to see a few of Leonard's painting, call me at 218-790-7667 for a time to visit the Committee office.
I hope local folks, will come see us tomorrow Sat., Nov. 11th from 10 4 p.m. at our stand at Circus McGurkis, 2601 54th Ave South, St. Petersburg FL.
With Respect, Thanks & Appreciation for all your support,
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©2017 ILPDC | PO BOX 329, Fargo ND 58107 

"The Women in the Sand' Premiere, Timbisha Shoshone of Death Valley

Friday, Nov. 10, 2017DIRECTOR STEVE JARVIS


Two feisty elders of the Timbisha Tribe struggle with the US Government and their own tribal council to overcome injustice to save their ancient tribal culture in Death Valley, CA. Through legends and stories, Pauline and Maddy Esteves reveal the rich history of their people. They travel to sacred sites, harvest pine nuts and search for early Timbisha basketry. Historians and supporters tell more of Pauline and Maddy’s fight to save their ancient language and basket making art. They confront their enemy, Chairman of the Tribal Council and debate him on their grievances. He is unmoved. Undaunted, they continue to follow their ancestor’s wishes to save their culture before it’s too late.

IN PERSON Following screening: Q & A with director Steve Jarvis, Former Timbisha Tribal Chairman, Joe
Kennedy, Sarah Koto and Lea Sanchez Chumash Family Singers , Traditional Drum Group The Kalifornia Ramblers, Opening Blessing: Julia Bogany Cultural Affair Officer for Tongva Tribe.

Cast Pauline Estives | Madeline Esteves
Director Steve Jarvis
Producers  Steve Jarvis | Bob Goodman | Kate Fosselman
Writer Steve Jarvis  

Parking Information

The Linwood Dunn Theater is located at The Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study
1313 N. Vine Street.
Free parking is available, enter on Homewoood Avenue.
The parking lot opens at 6:30pm.
The parking lot will be closed and locked 30 minutes after the conclusion of the event.

14th Red Nation Film Festival

Los Angeles 


The Story of  Death Valley’s Original People
Narrated by Edward James Olmos
U.S. Premiere
“As a proud member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Founder and President of The 14th Red Nation Film Festival, we are honored to have our Opening Weekend Screening THE WOMEN IN THE SAND at the prestigious Linwood Dunn Theater.” – Joanelle Romero (actor, award-winning director/producer)
Opening Blessing: Julia Bogany Cultural Affair Officer for Tongva Tribe.
Live performances Sarah Koto and Lea Sanchez Chumash Family Singers (Traditional Native Music) and Traditional Drum Group The Kalifornia Ramblers.
  • Doors open at 6:30p with Red is Green Carpet | 7:30 Screening | 8:30 Q & A  
  • Linwood Dunn Theatre | 1313 Vine Street • Hollywood, CA 90028  
  • Tickets  

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