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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Halliburton Fracking Destroying Sacred Chaco Region

Halliburton destroying the sacred Chaco region,
in Lybrook, New Mexico area, on Jan. 10, 2018
Photos by Daniel Tso

American Indian Genocide Museum: 'Same Old Bait and Switch Scam Targets Lakota Land'

American Indian Genocide Museum: 'Same Old Bait and Switch Scam Targets Lakota Land'

'Only history will show who the great warriors were.' Steve Melendez, Paiute

By Steve Melendez, Paiute
President, American Indian Genocide Museum
Censored News

The Justice system when dealing with Indians is based on "The Doctrine Of Discovery."
It is a rigged system based on the old scam of "the bait and switch."
The "bait" is the belief that there is liberty and justice for all.
The "switch" is that the "Doctrine of Discovery" stipulates the supposed condition of reality that the white man owns everything because Columbus "discovered" it.
Therefore, whenever an Indian Nation sues the government for any reason, the government can put money on the table as compensation based on "the Time of Taking"---1492!!! PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!!! The token-Indian NARF lawyers walk away millionaires, the government gets clear land title and the Indians lose their homeland. In coming generations, only history will show who  the great warriors were.
Currently the government has not only put over a billion dollars on the table to entice the Lakota, but their lawyers also have the audacity to put "land" on the table. Land with a clear title?
No, "trust land" with the government holding title and the FBI coming and going at will.
Do the math. Is it worth losing your homeland so that the old geezers and only the old geezers in your tribe receive $10,000 each?


Suquamish Calina Lawrence: 'Violence against Native Women: Boarding Schools, Domestic Violence, Missing and Murdered Women'


Democracy Now! Time's Up: Meet Five of the Women Who Staged Protest at Golden Globes Against Gender Violence

Democracy Now!

Watch at:

AMY GOODMAN: If you could speak, Calina Lawrence, about Native American women and what they face? When we talk about rates of sexual abuse, we must multiply this so many times when we talk about Native women, so vulnerable in this country.

CALINA LAWRENCE: Absolutely. The violence against Native women is 10 times the national rate. Four out of five women experience violence—excuse me, four out of five Native American women are on the receiving end of violence. I think one in three are exposed to domestic violence. And so, one of the things that we definitely had time to share space about, when we met as a collective group, actually, right before the Globes, was that although we also experience this epidemic in the workplace, we experience it in our home, we experience it on college campuses, we experience it in the streets.

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