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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Native Water Ceremony Shuts Down Enbridge Line 3 Construction at Mississippi River Headwaters

Native Water Ceremony Shuts Down Enbridge Line 3 Construction at Mississippi River Headwaters

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BEMIDJI, Minnesota -- A tipi blockade and water ceremony, protecting Anishinaabe territory from Enbridge's tar sands Line 3 project, was cleared by police on Tuesday, as Native people were protecting their water and burial places from destruction.
One member of Ginew declared this defense is in solidarity with water protectors on the Louisiana Gulf Coast.
“We’re here today protecting our water, our burial sites and standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters down south who are fighting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline."
"The Mississippi River begins here in the headwaters, where we are standing right now, and it ends in the Gulf of Mexico, in the bayous, where folks have been fighting against Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) for months, putting their bodies on the line for clean water and safer communities."
"We’re fighting Enbridge here, a different company that is also invested in ETP. Enbridge wants to cross over 200 water ways and drill under the Mississippi River multiple times to construct Line 3. Enbridge wants to put this new poisonous black snake where the river begins and turn this area into an industrial corridor. They want to poison our seed of hope for clean water and turn us into another alley of cancer.”
(Video below) Indigenous water ceremony shuts down line 3 construction on the Mississippi River. This morning the Ginew Collective raised a tipi and blocked a bridge south of Bemidji, Minnesota at the Mississippi River headwaters, where road upgrades are in progress for Line 3 construction. We are here to protect Anishinaabe territory from the destruction of Enbridge's Line 3 tar sands project.

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