August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Lakota, Navajo and Hopi volunteers go the distance: Carry meals, groceries and water as pandemic begins eighth month

Photo by Rebecca Kidder. Rebecca said, "May today bring comfort and healing to all our relatives." Lakota volunteers in Rapid City are cooking up homestyle delicious meals for
those sick and in quarantine at Meals for Relatives COVID-19 Rapid City Community Response. 

Censored News celebrates Lakota, Navajo and Hopi volunteers cooking gourmet meals and carrying fresh groceries and water to homes, as the pandemic begins the eighth month

Gatherings Cafe, Minneapolis Indian Center.

Dine' Chef Brian Yazzie at Gatherings Cafe, Minneapolis Indian Center in Minnesota, is feeding Native elders. "Today, the team served BBQ bison, sage-sweet potato mash, and dairy-free coleslaw. The elders were able to receive hygiene bags as well." The gourmet meal for elders on Oct. 16 had help from World Central Kitchen and Chefs for America. 

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