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February 9, 2021

Lakota Youths Running to Cannonball River: Shut Down DAPL Feb. 9, 2021

Lakota Youths Running --  from Standing Rock and Cheyenne River -- to the Cannonball River

Lakota Youths running to the site of the  resistance four and one-half years ago. They are sending a clear message to President Biden: Dakota Access Pipeline is operating illegally -- without a permit -- shut it down!

By Standing Rock Youth Council

Censored News

"Today, February 9, 2021, is the day we need everyone to help us make some noise on social media to #ShutDownDAPL run record yourself in solidarity, post on all platforms you have access, or simply share all #shutdownDAPL posts you see. Tag President Biden and VP Harris in the posts and use the hashtags so we can see the post! #shutdownDAPL #BuildBackFossilFree #byedendapl

"Examples of what to write in your posts listed below

"Hey @JoeBiden, the Dakota Access Pipeline continues to operate illegally endangering the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe."

"I am joining Lakota youth’s #NODAPL challenge to demand you #shutdownDAPL. #ByeDenDAPL

@POTUS consultation is not consent and the Standing Rock Sioux are still fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"I’m taking the Standing Rock Challenge because it’s time to #shutdownDAPL and #BuildBackFossilFree for our youth, land and water."



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