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February 11, 2021

In the Spirit of Resistance: Food deliveries, defending the land and cooking for elders

(Above) Dine' volunteers Mercury Bitsuie along with his Uncle Andy Dann and friends, continue to deliver food and supplies to the remote homes on the Navajo Nation.

Photos courtesy Mercury Bitsuie and Uncle Andy Dann

Mercury Bitsuie and Uncle Andy Dann delivered food and supplies to Rocky Ridge on the Navajo Nation this week.
Dine' Land and Water

Lakotas cook wholesome homemade meals for those in quarantine

(Above) Sophia J. Black Cloud cooked albondigas soup for Meals for Relatives, COVID-19 Rapid City Community Response, in Rapid City, South Dakota. The delicious Mexican meatball soup and lemon poke cupcakes are among the daily meals cooked and delivered by Lakota volunteers to those in quarantine.

Whitney Pearce cooked bison Shepherd's Pie for Meals for Relatives in Rapid City. She baked some homemade cherry pies as well!
Donate to Meals for Relatives:

Candi Brings Plenty, after butchering a buffalo, prepared this buffalo feast for meals for Relatives in Rapid City.

Candi Brings Plenty prepared buffalo burritos with fresh vegetables for Meals for Relatives in the Rapid City area.

Gourmet meals for Native elderly in Minneapolis

At Gatherings Cafe, Minneapolis Indian Center, Dine' Chef Brian Yazzie and the team of Native cooks are cooking for elders. Yazzie is from Dennehotso, where Dennehotso Strong continues Navajo relief efforts with firewood, food and supplies.

Running for the Water

(Above and below)  Standing Rock and Cheyenne River youths ran to the Cannonball River in North Dakota, sending a clear message to President Biden to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Lakota youth runners, who initiated the Standing Rock resistance in 2016, were supported around the nation and world with solidarity actions this week. The youths ran the 93-mile relay in sub-zero temperatures.

“We did this for one simple reason: the Dakota Access pipeline is illegal. It was pushed on our community, ignoring our treaties, just like Line 3,” said Jordin Sam, member of the Standing Rock Youth Council. "To Build Back Fossil Free, Biden must shut down DAPL and stop Line 3."

“We ran for the water just as we did four years ago. Biden has the opportunity to do right by Indigenous communities and must shut down DAPL and Line 3,” said Joseph White Eyes, member of the Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective. "Pushing these projects without our consent is ruining our way of life."

In Omaha, Nebraska, Ni Bthaska Stand supported the Lakota runners and DAPL shut down in brilliant way.

Please see more live videos, and the support received, on Facebook pages for Standing Rock Youth Council and Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective.

Inuit Blocking Mine

Inuit are blocking an iron ore mine in sub zero temperatures: Read more at and .The Guardian

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