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July 11, 2021

Mohawk Nation News 'Mary and Rosie Assigned to Complete Genocide'


Mohawk Nation News

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MNN. July 11, 2021. Both Mary Simon, the new Governor General, and Rose Ann Archibald, the new president of the Assembly of First Nations Inc., know that the Crown murdered us and our kids. They work for the corporation of the government of Canada that committed the worst crime against humanity ever, murder and genocide of almost all indigenous people. Mary and Rose, you are being well paid and promoted to help the Crown save the admitted murderers, Canada and United States, from automatic dissolution for the genocide they committed on us.


To fool us and the public, the tribal and band council traitors and national and territorial ‘Indian’ organizations are being paid, coached and scripted to pretend to speak for us. They are all pushing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report:

“Canada’s residential school system … was an education system in name only… They … were created to separate Aboriginal children from their families, .. to minimize and weaken family ties and cultural linkages, and to indoctrinate children into a new culture—the culture of the legally [illegal] dominant Euro-Christian Canadian society, led by Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald… [and revered as the father of the Corporation of the Government of Canada]. That experience was hidden from history, until Survivors finally found the strength, courage, and support to reveal their experiences in several thousand court cases that ultimately led to the largest class-action lawsuit in Canada’s history”.

“In justifying the government’s residential school policy, Macdonald told the House of Commons in 1883: When the school is on the reserve the child lives with its parents, who are savages; he is surrounded by savages, and though he may learn to read and write, his habits, and training and mode of thought are Indian. He is simply a savage who can read and write. It has been strongly pressed on myself, as the head of the Department [of Indian Affairs], that Indian children should be withdrawn as much as possible from the parental influence, and the only way to do that would be to put them in central training industrial schools where they will acquire the habits and modes of thought of white men”. THE MAIN REASON WAS TO DESTROY THE INDIGENOUS BLOOD LINE TO GET THE LAND].[8 Alert Bay, B.C, school, 1885. The federal government admits over 150,000 students attended Canada’s residential schools [Millions we call “death camps”]. Library and Archives Canada, George Dawson, PA-037934. 

Canada is terrified of the revelations of the genocide and murder program. The main reason for the Reconciliation Commission was not for accountability and holding Canada responsible, but to keep it hidden and to move on: 

“shaming and pointing out wrongdoing were not the purpose of the Commission’s mandate. Ultimately, … but to lay the foundation for the reconciliation”. Now that we know about residential schools and their legacy, what do we do about it?

So Mary and Rose and the band councils, you are going to help them. You are all being trained to sound more traditional than us and take credit for our resistance, while behind our backs you help them turn the gun at us on behalf of the government and the bankers. More than 99% of us are not included in the discussions.

“Reconciliation” is colonization and genocide. An apology from the pope is for you only. Not us. Archibald, less than 1% of the government’s band council chiefs, selected you to help the Crown get away with murder. The Commission admits that more than 99% of us were genocided or hidden. Only the few compliant government companies and workers are going forward, the Metis”, “Inuit” and “First Nations”.




Your promise of allegiance and secrecy to the Crown makes you complicit in the murders and genocide. The great peace and two row are being violated and the penalty is automatic dissolution of you and all your corporate institutions and your immediate banishment from turtle island. 

The main open secret you vow to keep is not respecting us, the true onkwehonweh, who have existed here since time immemorial to the end of time. We were placed here by creation to live by the kaianerekowa, the great peace and teiohateh the two row. We remain in the canoe and you are on the invader’s ship. 

In the recent Kahnawake band council election, once again a minority voted. If the tribal and band councils have any integrity, they will dissolve their institutions and expose the corruption of the criminal corporations that rule Canada and US. 

You both speak for the Crown that illegally claims turtle island for the Queen. No legal bill of sale can ever be produced for any of turtle island because none exists. turtle island belongs to our unborn babies. Our mother earth cannot be sold or transferred. Ms. Archibald, the land is owned by the unborn til the end of time, not just for “seven generations”, as you have said.  

The Indian Lands Acts 1924 set up the band councils and Indian residential schools to carry out “the final solution to the Indian problem” by 2024. Prime Minister Trudeau says the genocide is real and ongoing. Now President Biden has plead guilty and has ordered the excavation of their death camps.  

We will find you killers and your associates. You are all guilty of the planned murders.


We have $900 trillion in our Indian Trust Fund being illegally held by the corporation of the government of Canada and the US, which are bankrupt because they owe so much money and past the brink of bankruptcy Our trust funds paid for the building of Canada to enrich foreigners. Lady money is waiting in the water for these rapists of our natural resources to return to their homelands with everything they stole. She beckons to you with her open arms. You glide over to her. She holds you in her arms and you find out you can’t take anything with you because of the kaianerekowa and teiohateh, that the original true indigenous people are still caretaking turtle island. Money, greed and corruption is leading you to the end of your colonial empire. 

kaianerekowa, the great peace, provides that we are each a sovereign of our own destiny and that we speak for ourselves. Tewatatennio. The two row provides that we remain in our canoe [all of turtle island] while you Nazi criminals and traitors leave together on the ships for the homeland of the murderers.  

All the psychopaths in the world could not have concocted such a premeditated horrific crime against humanity as the slaughter of our people by the Vatican, the Crown, Canada, US and all illegal occupiers of Central and South America, which is ongoing. The lobbyists and bankers try to control the top of the capitalist hierarchy which is crumbling.  

You do not speak for us.  You are part of the genocide program of the government, churches and other kidnapping and killing institutions. 

Reconciliation means we are going back to restore friendly relations which we never had with the European predators.  

Our individual sovereignty is not for sale, has never been and will never be.  

Ms. Simon, Ms. Archibald and other sell-outs, you must dissolve these murderers and their slaughter houses on turtle island. Just leave. 

Shania Twain reminds us about whores prostituting themselves to get a staring role in the genocide spectacle: “The best thing about being a woman Is the prerogative to have a little fun (fun, fun). Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy. Forget I’m a lady. Men’s shirts. Short skirts. Oh, oh, oh, really go wild. Yeah, doin’ it in style. Oh, oh, oh, get in the action. Feel the attraction. Color my hair. Do what I dare. Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free. Yeah, to feel the way I feel (To feel the way I feel). Man! I feel like a woman!”

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