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July 24, 2021

Women Horse Nation Riders Arrive to Support Water Walkers, as Police Threaten Red Lake Treaty Camp Today

Honor the Earth
Women Horse Nation Riders going to support the Water Walkers, coming from Pine River Crossing to Itasca, headwaters of the Mississippi and drilling site for Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline - photos by Flow #StopLine3 #NibiWalk #WaterIsLife #HorseNations

Alert! Red Lake Treaty Camp. Minn., Sat. 4:20 pm. Police threatening to arrest everyone, as a busload of police arrived. #StopLine3

Nibiwalk -- Water Walk Lake Superior to North Dakota

Walk begins Sunday, July 18 to roughly July 28. Route is 359 miles from Lake Superior to the Minnesota / North Dakota border.

We are walking to pray for the water along the proposed route of Line 3. We are not a protest. Our only audience is the water. Beginning in Superior, Wisconsin we will walk along the proposed route of the pipeline until the Canadian border. Beginning with Lake Superior and at every water crossing we will gather water and pray with it.

This is a walk for women-identified walkers only. All women from all cultures are welcome to walk in solidarity with us for a mile or for many days. We ask you to be self-sufficient and responsible for your own meals, transportation, and lodging. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at nibiwalk @ for clarification about logistics before joining the walk.

If you are planning to walk we appreciate if you can share your intent with Sharon Day at smarieday @

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