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July 19, 2021

PARIS: Demands for entry of Zapatistas 'Tour for Life'

PARIS: Demands for entry of Zapatistas 'Tour for Life'

The Zapatistas delegation of 177 remains delayed in Mexico because the government refuses passports to 62 in the delegation

By free means or whatever they are called

By Somos El Medio

Paris France. July 18, 2021. Close to a thousand European organizations and personalities request the French government to expressly respond to the request they officially submitted to let the delegation of the Zapatista Air Force (FAZ) pass in S'lumil K'ajxemk'op ( formerly known as Europe). France's airspace is governed by Emmanuel Macron, an antisocial and repressive president of the republic, a former banker of the Rothschild house and who was barely 16 years old when the Mayan peasant peoples organized into the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) They took up arms on January 1, 1994 in Chiapas, where they recovered large tracts of agricultural lands in the valleys of the Lacandon jungle and created autonomous municipalities in rebellion.

The formal letter delivered to the French government on July 13 explicitly requests in its title "the entry into French territory of a delegation of indigenous peoples' communities, particularly Zapatistas from Mexico." Addressed to the French government ministers (G. Darmanin, Place Beauveau) and foreign affairs (Y. Le Drian, Quai d'Orsay), the letter has been copied to J.-P. Asvazadourian, who heads the Embassy from France in Polanco. This letter consists of a one-page official letter and an impressive seventeen-page list with the names of individuals, groups, unions and regional and national organizations that seek to ensure the landing of the FAZ, perhaps in Paris,

Although the macronist government stands out for its quick reaction capacity to suppress union protests, yellow vests or black blocs, the holiday bridge of the national holidays of July 14 seems to have distracted the paperwork of the French administration, whose officials perhaps are more concerned with sunbathing on the terrace of a café near the river Seine than with responding (quickly and positively) to the request of large and small organizations, institutions and individuals who signed the declaration "Un Bateau pour la Vie" (En Waiting for the Boat for Life), as well as those who later joined the welcome preparation activities of Squad 421 and soon of the FAZ.

It seems that no one pays attention to the Zapatista communities when they take the peaceful initiative to travel through life, but those at the top are scared when the indigenous peoples take up arms, municipal seats, lands and buildings such as the National Institute neoindigenista in Mexico City. It seems that no one pays any attention to the living peoples of Mesoamerica, but those above congratulate themselves for bringing to France twenty tons of stones carved by the Olmec peoples, currently exhibited in the Museum of the Quai Branly "Jacques Chirac", located in front of the Musée du Louvre, next to the French secretariat of foreign relations. It seems that nobody pays attention to the demands of the guardians of the territory when, for example, they denounce Saint-Gobain for monopolizing the water of the Cuautla River in Morelos,

For more than 4000 solidarity organizations around the world that have signed A Declaration for Life , the fact that the delegation comes to fight for life in the face of the environmental and human disaster in which we live shows the existence of a compelling reason that it should allow the delegation to enter. The signatories of the letter addressed to the French government demand that it assure them that “it will not oppose this struggle for life, that there will be no obstacles, distances or borders that prevent the homeland of brotherhood, freedom and equality may it be the natural bridge of arrival for this historic delegation that, for the first time, will bring the voice of native peoples to our streets, our theaters, our universities and our hearts ”.

In the coming days, activists from all over S'lumil K'ajxemk'op, and perhaps from other geographies fighting below and to the left, will gather in front of the French consulates and embassies demanding free passage from those who will represent the EZLN, the CIG -CNI and the FDPMPT in the dialogues that they will carry out with those who invited them to share the word and exchange about their respective struggles.

Will the "Popcorn Commando", made up of six girls and boys from the "Game and Mischief" group, have free passage, who have prepared to ride bicycles, paint and play with the children of the unruly lands? Will the Macron government ignore the request not to oppose the landing of the FAZ and its free movement within a fortress Europe that closes its borders to migrants, but encourages the free movement of capital and the immoderate arms trade to countries? from the South like Mexico? Are European rulers so uncomfortable and scared by the "Listen and Talk" groups? Why do the indigenous people in struggle finally represent a stone in Macron's shoe?
Letter to the French government: LettreGvtFrDélégation Mexique (pdf in French) available in Spanish on Radio Zapatista

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