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July 9, 2021

Zapatistas Arrive in France on Tour for Life

In Paris on Saturday, the Zapatistas Delegation was celebrated.
Tour for Life in Europe 

Zapatistas delegation arrived in Toulouse, France, on Thursday, from Barcelona, Spain

"Hasta la vida siempre!" Celebrate the arrival of the Zapatista Squadron on its first stage in France

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July 8, 2021
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Pozol Collective (Français)

Toulouse, July 8, 2021. Hundreds of people welcomed the first delegation of the Tour for Life in the square of the popular neighborhood Arnaud Bernard in the regional capital of Occitania in southwestern France. After crossing the Catalan Pyrenees, the city called Toulouse in Occitan, known as la ville rose (pink city) for its pink quarry buildings, warmly welcomed the Zapatista entourage this afternoon, with combative and loving words, music and songs, as well as painted banners and slogans in support of the struggles of the peoples in resistance.

A member of the host committee addressed Squadron 421 with the following words: "When you return to our region, we will talk about such urgent issues as the rights of undocumented people and refugees, feminisms, counterculture, education, environmental defense, social struggles, the yellow vests movement (gilets jaunes), struggles against violence and state racism. Once again, you are very welcome in Toulouse and in Europe, long live the anti-capitalist, anti-racist and anti-patriarchal struggles!"

Photo by Alicia Calderon

A member of the association France Amérique Latine declared, "We are happy about this invasion and we wish that this type of invasion will multiply to infinity. We support the campaign that is currently underway to ask for authorization for the Zapatista delegation to enter French territory..."

Photo by Alicia Calderon

Marijosé addressed a few words of farewell: "Brothers, sisters, in the name of the compañeros and compañeras of Squadron 421, we thank you for having been in these moments together, and to all the collectives that are doing everything possible to make this tour the best. To all the groups that are doing their bit to make this tour possible. We are very happy and grateful that they have received us here at this time. And on behalf of all the Zapatista peoples we are very happy. "So are we!" reacted one person spontaneously. "Thank you. The enemy wanted to bury us alive and forgot that we are seeds and here we are to germinate and furrow new furrows, let's go for life, compañeros and compañeras. Hasta la vida siempre!". The letters "E.Z.L.N." and "The people united will never be defeated!" were immediately heard in unison.

Photo by Alicia Calderon

After this festive political-cultural event, the seven members of Squadron 421 left to rest before traveling tomorrow by van to Paris, where they will be welcomed this coming Saturday at 3 p.m. at La Parole Errante in Montreuil (Métro Croix de Chavaux). After their first tour in the Spanish state, the Zapatista maritime delegation will also be celebrated with dignified joy in the Parisian region.

Toulouse, France, celebrated the Zapatistas on The Tour for Life

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