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Monday, July 18, 2022

Driver Charged for Death of Paiute Shoshone Journalist Myron Dewey

Paiute Shoshone Journalist Myron Dewey at Standing Rock

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Driver Charged with DUI in Death of Paiute Shoshone Journalist Myron Dewey

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
July 18, 2022
Update July 19, 2022

The driver who hit Paiute Shoshone Journalist Myron Dewey head-on has been charged with DUI resulting in death. John David Walsh of Reno was charged with a second charge of reckless driving resulting in death.

Walsh is scheduled to be arraigned on September 7, nearly one year after the fatal accident that claimed the life of Dewey near his family's home in Yomba, Nevada, on September 26, 2021. Walsh was charged in Tonopah Criminal Court on July 11.

Myron's daughter Taylor Dewey told News 4 that the case was reopened after the blood test was re-examined.

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