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November 10, 2023

Shutting Down the Death Machines -- The New York Times and Weapons Makers

Blockading and Shutting Down The New York Times and Weapons Makers

Over 100 journalists occupied the lobby of the New York Times building, calling out New York Times for complicity in genocide. Deadline News reports that the group was led by a group of media workers called Writers Bloc. Once inside, members of the group read the names of thousands of Palestinians killed in Gaza since the war began. They dropped versions of “The New York War Crimes,” a mock newspaper. The pamphlet accused the media of “complicity in laundering genocide" on Thursday evening.

Now in Hamilton, Canada by Palestine Action: Activists in Canada SHUT FOWN L-3 Harris’ weapons factory in Hamilton, halting the export of arms for Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people.

Shutting Down Elbit in England: Makers of Spy Towers on Tohono O'odham Nation
Now -- Shutting down Elbit Systems weapons producers and their property owners now in England. Elbit is the Israeli defense contractor that built the 11 spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation, now used by the crime-infested US Border Patrol to stalk vulnerable O'odham in their homeland. Elbit provides Israel with weaponized drones and surveillance used for the imprisonment, torture, and murder of Palestinians. -- Censored News. Listen


Lockheed Martin top seller of arms to Israel -- "Israel plans to buy a third squadron of F-35 fighter jets from the US government in a deal valued at about $3 billion. The purchase of the aircraft, manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp., will be financed by US military aid, Israel’s defense ministry said," Bloomberg reported in July.

Block the Port in Genoa, Italy

Now: Israeli Forces Bombing Hospitals and Media: Red Cross/Red Crescent said Israeli Occupation forces opened fire on the intensive care unit at Al-Quds Hospital.
Video (Trauma warning)

Video Israel told people inside al-Rantisi Children's Hospital to evacuate. They came out waving white flags and then the Israeli military shot at them.

Watching these planes, they all tell a story

This one is owned by Israel Aerospace Industries, circling the Mediterranean Sea last night, while hospitals, media, babies and children were being bombed in Gaza. IAI, a weapons industry owned by Israel, receives US Defense contracts in the US. Also last night, another plane, a Hawker, was overhead, built by Raytheon Missiles based in Tucson, Arizona. Off and on through the nights, the planes of the US Navy, US Airforce and UK Airforce can be seen circling offshore in the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile, last night and at dawn, passenger planes were coming and going from New York, Miami, Paris, and elsewhere at the Tel Aviv airport. Last night, a plane from Russia's Emergency Services was shown arriving in Egypt. Now in the news, it says Russia delivered 25 tons of food, portable cookers, and aid last night. It is already with the Red Crescents on its way through the Egyptian border to Gaza. But the bombing doesn't stop. Hospitals, media, babies and children are being bombed by Israeli forces. More than 10,000 have been killed in Palestine in this genocide. -- Censored News.

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