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November 4, 2023

Russia's Evacuation Flights from Tel Aviv: A Mystery Unfolds

Russia's Evacuation Flights from Tel Aviv: A Mystery Unfolding 

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, Nov. 4, 2023

The strange case of the Russian evacuation flights.

I've been watching the flights leaving Tel Aviv the last few weeks, and many flights were Russian airlines. I wondered who was on all these planes. The only clue was in the Moscow Times. Russia said about 200 Ukrainians in Palestine asked Russia to evacuate them. However, Russia said it could not get into Palestine to get them out. (Everyone in Palestine was stuck there and being bombed.)

The evacuation flights to Russia continued out of Tel Aviv, Israel, the past few weeks. Then, a few days ago, a flight from Tel Aviv landed in a Russian town, and hundreds of locals burst through security, jumped the gates, jumped on the plane wings, yelling that they didn't want Israelis in their community, pointing out that babies were being killed in Palestine. At their checkpoints, they didn't find any passengers with Israeli passports. (It isn't clear who was being evacuated from Israel on the plane.)

This was in Russia, where being part of a riot can get you 15 years in prison. (A few people were immediately sentenced to short prison terms and forced labor.) Flight Radar also showed Russia's emergency services plane, which was delivering humanitarian aid at the Egypt and Gaza border, as people waited for Egypt's gate to open.

Besides Russia's planes, most of the flights that flew in and out of Tel Aviv in the past couple of weeks were Israeli passenger planes. There were also airforce bomber type planes, and large cargo planes, from the US, England and many countries in Europe. Most commercial airlines said they couldn't get insurance coverage to fly into Israel.

Eventually, other countries like Brazil began sending in airforce bombers or national airlines, and finally, a flight arrived from Mexico, Flight Radar showed. The news pointed out that China left it up to its citizens to find their own way out, and that there were commercial flights available.

There haven't been many flights in the last couple of days.

Israel bombed a convoy of ambulances -- including US citizens who were told by the US Embassy to be in the convoy on Friday. The convoy was on its way to the gate at the Egyptian border Friday, which was finally opened, killing and wounding the critically ill in the ambulances.

Fifteen people were killed, and 60 wounded.

Flight Radar shows a US Navy plane above the waters tonight.

With hope vanishing of evacuations for Palestinians, the messages online reveal that they are stuck, unable to leave, being bombed in schools, refugee camps, and hospitals where they sought refuge. Children are blown apart. 

The US Embassy gave Palestinian people instructions on where to go on Friday during the evacuation of the ambulance convoy that hoped to reach the gate at the border of Gaza and Egypt. The Israelis used the coordinates to bomb them.

This woman is a U.S. Citizen. After being called and told to evacuate by the U.S. Embassy, her bus was bombed. "My daughter's hand was cut off -- she's 17 years old."


The Intercept Exposes Secret US Military Base near Gaza and Colorado Company Involved

The Intercept exposes a secret US military base next to Gaza, and the Colorado company that partnered a joint venture with the Israeli company -- which piggybacked a Dept of Defense construction contract. They also built a settlement in the Israeli desert.

On Friday morning, hundreds of activists mobilized to the Port of Oakland and delayed by more than 9 hours a US military supply vessel bound for Israel. Three protestors scaled the ladder leading to the ship. #BlockTheBoat #NoWeaponsForGenocide #CeasefireNow #LetGazaLive #Palestine' Twitter/x photographer Brooke Anderson

US Congress prepares to commit an act of genocide in funding package to Israel. -- Center for Constitutional Rights

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I have been noticing alot of very strange flights myself lately but havnt veen able to piece together any sort of meaning from them beyond 'hmmm thats odd'