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November 6, 2023

Zapatistas 'Fourth Part and First Approach Alert: Several Necessary Deaths'

Fourth Part and First Approach Alert.
Several Necessary Deaths.

November 2023.

To the people who subscribe to the Declaration for Life:

We inform you of the following:

FIRST. – A few months ago, after a long and profound critical and self-critical analysis, and consulting all the Zapatista peoples, it was decided to disappear the Zapatista Rebel Autonomous Municipalities (MAREZ) and the Good Government Juntas.

SECOND. – All seals, letterheads, positions, representations and agreements with the name of any MAREZ or any of the Good Government Boards are invalid from this moment on. No person can present themselves as a member, authority or representative of any MAREZ or Good Government Board. The agreements held before this date, with Non-Governmental Organizations, social organizations, collectives, groups and solidarity bodies in Mexico and the world are maintained until their expiration, but new agreements cannot be made with these bodies of autonomy. Zapatista, for the simple reason that they no longer exist.

THIRD. – The Caracoles remain, but they will remain closed to the outside until further notice.

ROOM. – We will discuss the reasons and process by which this decision was made little by little in the following writings. I can only tell you that this evaluation, in its final phase, began about 3 years ago. We will also explain to you what the new structure of Zapatista autonomy is like and how it has been developing.

All that, and more things, will appear at the right time.

FIFTH. – We inform you that we will hold a celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the war against oblivion. This in the months of December 2023 and January 2024. All people who signed the “Declaration for Life” are invited.

However, it is our duty, while inviting them, to discourage them. Contrary to what the official press, self-proclaimed cool -progre-buena-ondita, reports and misinforms, the main cities of the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas are in complete chaos. The municipal presidencies are occupied by what we call “legal hitmen” or “ Disorganized Crime .” There are blockades, assaults, kidnappings, rent collection, forced recruitment, shootings. This is the effect of the patronage of the state government and the dispute over the charges that is in process. They are not political proposals that are faced, but rather criminal societies.

So, of course we tell you that, unlike other years, it is not safe.

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Comitán, Las Margaritas and Palenque, to mention some municipal seats, are in the hands of one of the disorganized crime cartels and in dispute with another. This is confirmed by the so-called hotel, tourism, restaurant and service industries. Those who work in these places know this and have not reported it because they are threatened and, furthermore, they know that any request is useless, because the state and municipal authorities are the ones who commit crimes and have no filler in the robbery they are doing.

In rural communities, the problem is even more serious. That is shouted by those who live in all the regions of Chiapas, particularly in the entire border strip with Guatemala.

What is read, heard and seen in the majority of local and national media is just a bad and shameless echo of the state government's social networks. The truth is that the official authorities are the problem. Yes, like in the rest of the country.

Federal, state and local military and police forces are not in Chiapas to protect the civilian population. They have the sole objective of stopping migration. That is the order that came from the North American government. As is their way, they have turned migration into a business. Human smuggling and trafficking is a business of the authorities who, through extortion, kidnapping and buying and selling of migrants, shamelessly enrich themselves.

So, we do not advise you to come. Unless, of course, they organize themselves very well to do so.

So, although we don't wait for you, we invite you. The tentative dates of the commemorations are between December 23, 2023 and January 7, 2024, with the central celebration being December 30-31 and January 1-2. Then we will tell you the place. So we do want them to come, although we don't recommend it.

Even if they don't arrive, don't worry. We will still send you photos and videos.

Well, that is if there is still a world for those dates.

See it there.

From the mountains of the mexican southeast.

Insurgent Subcommander Moisés.
Mexico, November 2023.


Brothers of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, we salute you and embrace you with that resistance and rebellion, but above all, with that dignity, which for 40 and 30 years you have planted in our hearts. The same one that today resists against the bad government, the one that refuses to listen to us, to see us, to speak to us, and, despite this, we have forced it to listen and look down and to the left, where our hearts already beat.

Thank you brothers for the invitation, despite the darkness, that the dignified and rebellious skies of the most dignified corner of the Homeland, the Mexican southeast, fly through the skies, we will be there, to meet each other, to hug each other, but above all, like 30 years ago, to listen to us, at dawn and in the rain, the same one that made hope and dignity flourish in the middle of the night.

Health, Subcommander Insurgente Moisés
Salud, Captain Insurgente Marcos

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