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November 26, 2023

U.S. War Crimes Result in Hate Crimes

Three friends taking a walk before having a meal with one of the young men's grandmothers -- were shot in Vermont. One of the college students remains in critical condition Monday morning. A suspect, Jason J. Eaton, 48, a neighbor was arrested and a pistol was seized from his apartment as evidence on Sunday, PBS reports. See the joint statement from the families below.

Palestinian Students Shot in Vermont -- U.S. War Crimes Result in Hate Crimes

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, Nov. 27, 2023

While the United States continues to provide weapons for war crimes and genocide in Palestine, hate crimes toward Palestinians have increased in the United States. Three Palestinians were shot Saturday night in Vermont. This comes after a former US State Department was arrested for a racist vulgar rant, and charged with a hate crime, after verbally assaulting a food vendor in New York City.

Husam Zomlot, Ambassador, and Head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK, said three young Palestinian students were shot in Burlington, Vermont, U.S.

"Three young Palestinian men, Hisham Awartani, Tahseen Ali, and Kenan Abdulhamid, were shot last night on their way to a family dinner in Burlington, USA. Their crime? Wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh. They are critically injured." (See statements below.)

"And six weeks ago, a 6-year-old Palestinian child was stabbed 26 times in a hate crime in Illinois. The hate crimes against Palestinians must stop. Palestinians everywhere need protection," said Ambassador Zomlot.

In New York City, a food cart vendor was blasted with a vulgar, racist stream of verbal assaults by a former high-ranking US State Department official.

The man has been arrested after being captured on video in a vulgar rant, calling a food vendor in New York City a "terrorist" and saying the death of 4,000 Palestinian children in Gaza “wasn’t enough."

Stuart Seldowitz, 64, who previously served as deputy director of the US State Department’s Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs, was arrested on Wednesday on charges of aggravated harassment, hate crime stalking, stalking causing fear, and stalking at a place of employment, New York police said in a statement, Al Jazeera reports.

Seldowitz, a former National Security Adviser to Obama, was captured in this video harassing a food vendor.

Today, Al Jazeera reveals horrific war crimes and genocide in Gaza.

This exclusive footage obtained by Al Jazeera shows the massive scale of Israel's destruction in al-Zahra neighborhood in the center of Gaza

War Corporations in Indian Country

In the same way that the U.S. government lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to gain public support for its war, it has lied about the ongoing war crimes and genocide in Palestine, to gain support for its war, which benefits politicians and their war corporations.

This includes Raytheon Missiles, based in Tucson, Arizona, with a factory on the Navajo Nation, on the Navajos commercial farm, Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, near Shiprock, New Mexico. Raytheon is now providing missiles and weapons to Israel,

Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense contractor, built the spy towers, integrated fixed towers, on the Tohono O'odham Nation. Elibt is a drone, weapons and surveillance producer in Israel. Elbit's spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation provide live images to the crime-infested U.S. Border Patrol to stalk O'odham at home.

Elbit is protested around the world for the weaponized drones, and surveillance manufactured for Israel and used in the ongoing war crimes against Palestinians. The U.S. media is a partner in war crimes.

Tributes to Palestinians being murdered, including staff of the World Health Organization, doctors in Gaza, and 54 journalists and media staff


Shared from Human Rights Center

Biden's Turkey Dinner after War Crimes

After more than 15,000 Palestinians have been murdered with funds and weapons from the U.S. and others, Biden enjoys turkey dinner with billionaires.

United States and British Air Force Planes: Surveillance and Transport Planes

This US Air Force surveillance drone off the shore of Israel, in the Mediterranean Sea, is among the many US Air Force planes in the region in the past 7 weeks. FORTE10 is a Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, a high-altitude, remotely-piloted surveillance aircraft. Meanwhile, UK Air Force planes from the nearby island of Cyprus, where the British long ago seized land for its base, have been constantly arriving at the Tel Aviv, Israel, airport. Declassified UK on Twitter tracks the UK planes and says the UK refuses to say what they are carrying or their purpose. The Intercept reports that the US military recently built a secret military base 20 miles from Gaza in the desert. More than 15,000 Palestinians have been killed, and nearly one-half are children.

Millions March, Protest, Around the World,  in Solidarity with Palestine

Shut down for Palestine in DC: Speaking out about Genocide in Palestine and of Indigenous people in the U.S. and the war corporations. “You don’t ‘pause’ a genocide. You pause a TV show. You pause a movie. You pause a video game. You don’t ‘pause’ ethnic cleansing. That’s not how that works." "Genocide is still occurring in the U.S."

Shutdown of Spy Base on Aboriginal Australian Lands, Today, Sunday

Action shutting Pine Gap military spy base in Central Australia. An Arrernte, Australian Aboriginal, man said: “Palestinians are being bombed relentlessly by a genocidal apartheid regime that uses military intelligence gathered on Arrente country and I won’t stand for it”

"Free Palestine protesters block the road to #PineGap joint US Australian satellite base in Mparntwe/ Alice Springs. Australia and the US aid and abet Israeli crimes against Palestinian people using data relayed through Pine Gap. Pine Gap must be closed." (Twitter comment)

Pine Gap is a satellite surveillance base and Australian Earth station approximately 18 km (11 mi) southwest of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the center of Australia.

Lockdown at the US Embassy in Melbourne, Australia, today, as the joint Australian and US spy based in shut down on Aboriginal lands near Alice Springs.

All Out For Palestine Teach-In & Art Build, hosted by Ama's Freedom School on November 19. Image credit Lakota Media Project

Red Warrior Society, from the banks of Wounded Knee Creek

The Red Warrior Society said, "We must remember that centuries ago, the U.S. military's goal was to eradicate Indigenous communities and lifeways by establishing the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1824. Two hundred years later, the U.S. is funding Israel’s military force to eradicate the Palestinians. Genocide is wrong, and it’s unacceptable."

"We are one family with great diversity. When our elders took a stand at Wounded Knee in 1973, and also when our youth gathered thousands to stop DAPL in 2016, who showed solidarity? The Palestinians."

Read the article by Red Warrior Society at Censored News.

Joint Statement from Families on Palestinian Students Shot in Vermont

Update: Families of Burlington victims call for a thorough investigation into the shooting

In a joint statement issued by the families through the Institute for Middle East Understanding, the families said they "are devastated by the horrific news that our children were targeted and shot in Burlington, VT."

The families identified the victims as Hisham Awartani, Kinnan Abdalhamid, and Tahseen Ahmed. Awartani is a student at Brown University, Abdalhamid is a student at Haverford College and Ahmed is a student at Trinity College.

"At this time, our primary concern is their full recovery and that they receive the critical medical support they need to survive," the statement read. "We are extremely concerned about the safety and well-being of our children."

The families said the victims are "dedicated students who deserve to be able to focus on their studies and building their futures."

"We call on law enforcement to conduct a thorough investigation, including treating this as a hate crime. We will not be comfortable until the shooter is brought to justice. We need to ensure that our children are protected, and this heinous crime is not repeated," the statement read.

Statement on Shooting of Palestinian Students in Vermont

Washington, DC | | November 26, 2023 — Earlier this morning ADC was aware of the shooting of three Palestinian-American, Arab students in Burlington, Vermont. After reviewing the initial information provided we have reason to believe this shooting occurred because the victims are Arab. All three victims survived the initial shooting, however, two of them are currently in ICU, and one of the students has sustained very critical and serious injuries. The full extent of the injuries is unknown at this time.  

The students, each of them 20 years of age, are Mr. Hisham Awartani of Brown University; Mr. Kinnan Abdalhamid of Haverford University; and Mr. Tahseen Ahmed of Trinity University. The students gathered together to enjoy Thanksgiving break. According to the information provided the three victims were wearing a Kuffiyeh and speaking Arabic. A man shouted and harassed the victims, then proceeded to shoot them. 

Read more

Students were recent graduates of West Bank school in Palestine

The three students had graduated from Ramallah Friends School, a Quaker-run private nonprofit school in Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, according to the school, NBC News reports.

Ramallah Friends School

"Ramallah Friends School board, administration, staff and community are deeply distressed by the recent incident involving three of our graduates, Hisham Awartani, Kinnan Abdel Hamid and Tahseen Ahmed who were shot and injured last evening in Burlington, VT. While we are relieved to know that they are alive, we remain uncertain about their condition and hold them in the light. We extend our thoughts and prayers to them and their families for a full recovery, especially considering the severity of injuries—as Hisham has been shot in the back, Tahseen in the chest, and Kinnan with minor injuries.

"All three are students study at US universities; Hisham studies at Brown University, Kinnan studies at Haverford University, and Tahseen studies at Trinity College.
We stand united in hope and support for their well-being during this challenging time.
Please hold our graduates and their families in the light."

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