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November 21, 2023

Genocide in Palestine Mirrors Sand Creek Massacre

Genocide in Palestine Mirrors Sand Creek Massacre

Days of war crimes and pain, as the world rises up

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, Nov. 21, 2023

The war crimes continue in Palestine, as hospitals, homes and media have been targeted by Israel in airstrikes in the past 24 hours. The world is rising up.

CBS News reports in Colorado, while Israel's war crimes mirror the Sand Creek Massacre.

"Morning Killer Woman, who's also known as Cheyenne McAllister, is a descendant of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe people who were massacred in Colorado at Sand Creek in 1864.

"On Nov. 29 of that year, the Third Colorado Cavalry attacked and destroyed a village of Cheyenne and Arapaho people in southeastern Colorado, killing hundreds -- mostly women and children.

"She says she sees many similarities between the struggle of her people and how Palestinians in Gaza are being treated today.

"I understand what it's like for the world to say you're at war when it's really a genocide," she said. "Zionism is the same thing as Manifest Destiny. It's just with a new name."

Saturday the Colorado Palestinian Coalition held its weekly demonstration and march.

This time, instead of demonstrating at the State Capitol, they marched through the streets of Five Points and they had support from many cultural communities, including the Native American community of Colorado.

Media Targeted and Assassinated

"Al-Mayadeen correspondent, Farah Omar, and cameraman Rabih Al-Me’mari were murdered early on Tuesday when an Israeli warplane fired two rockets on their location.

Omar and Al-Me’mari had just ended a live broadcast at 10 am, giving updates on the latest Israeli bombardment in South Lebanon. They were targeted soon after they wrapped up their coverage and went off air." -- Palestine Chronicle.

War Crimes: Israel continues to target the media, hospitals, doctors at home, refugee camps, and schools, including UN schools, using funds and weapons from the US, UK, Canada and European countries.

Doctors and Families Targeted and Assassinated

"Doctors Without Borders is horrified by the killing of two MSF doctors, Dr Mahmoud Abu Nujaila and Dr Ahmad Al Sahar, and a third doctor working with Al Awda, Dr. Ziad Al-Tatari, following a strike on Al Awda Hospital, one of the last remaining functional hospitals in Northern Gaza. Our thoughts are with their families and all colleagues mourning their death."

The Little Ones Who Survived

The little premature babies that survived the bombing by Israel, lack of electricity and oxygen, and spoiled milk, at Al Shifa Hospital -- 28 made it to hospitals in Egypt. Palestine Red Crescent humanitarian aid.

South Africa Votes to Close Israel's Embassy over War Crimes

South Africa’s Parliament has voted in favor of a motion calling for the closure of Israel’s embassy in Pretoria and the suspension of diplomatic ties as tensions soar between the two countries over the Israeli assault on Gaza, Al Jazeera reports.

Now -- Belgium imposes sanctions and bans the import of Israel's products, cancels the European agreement, and demands accountability before the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

Eblit Systems Shut Down in New Hampshire

Elbit Systems was shut down in New Hampshire on Monday. Three actionists are being held without bond. Elbit built the spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation and Arizona border. The Israeli weapons maker provides Israel with weaponized drones and surveillance used on Palestinians. In Merrimack, New Hampshire, the news reports three people arrested are facing five charges, including riot and disorderly conduct. -- "We're a direct-action network targeting Elbit Systems, their U.S. chapter specifically," said Fergie Chambers, of Palestine Action U.S. "They are Israel's largest weapons supplier. Eighty-five percent of the drones being used in Gaza right now are produced by this company. This location here in Merrimack, New Hampshire, produces display systems for fighter jets."

Shutting Down Lockheed: The number one profiteer from war

Shutting down Lockheed Martin in St. Paul, Minn. -- Minnesota Anti-War Committee said:
"VICTORY!! Production was stopped ALL DAY at ForwardEdge ASIC, Lockheed’s subsidiary in St. Paul that makes microelectronics for weapons systems. Activists with the Free Palestine Coalition blocked entrances & faced down police for almost 8 hours!"

Blocking the Ports in Australia

Shutting Down Elbit in England

They're still shutting down Elbit Systems weapons manufacturers in England today. Elbit is the weapons contractor in Israel that built the spy towers, integrated fixed towers, on the Tohono O'odham Nation and all along the Arizona border. The live surveillance enables the crime-infested US Border Patrol to stalk vulnerable O'odham. In Palestine, Elbit's weapons, drones and surveillance are weapons of death used on Palestinians. --

US Air Force Aids and Abets War Crimes

More than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed, and more than 5,000 are children killed in bombing and missile strikes, in the war crimes as Israel targets hospitals, schools, refugee camps, homes of doctors, and media. The U.S. Air Force continues aiding and abetting with this surveillance drone in the Mediterranean.

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