Friday, September 7, 2007

Bush Klansmen close in on Navajos

Big Republican donor Fluor picked to manage development of Desert Rock Power Plant

By Brenda Norrell

It comes as little surprise that even after New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Attorney General Gary King spoke out against the proposed Desert Rock Power Plant, a company was announced today to manage the development of it.
It does not seem to matter to Navajo President Joe Shirley, Jr., or the Navajo Nation Council, that the people that live on the land, and get sick from the pollution, the grassroots Navajo people, do not want another power plant there to suffocate them.
Of course, knowing that the Desert Rock parent company is the Skull and Bones corporation of Sithe Global, puts it all in perspective. The Bush family, the Skull and Bones Klansmen, get what they want.
The chosen corporation was the disaster profiteer Fluor, a big donor to the Republican Party. They expect to begin in 2008.
Skull and Bones
George Bush belonged to the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale University, whose members are the world's power mongers.
In the 1980s, the Skull and Bones society asked to meet with San Carlos Apache leaders to return Geronimo's skull, which according to the society's log records had been dug up by Grandfather Prescott Bush at Fort Sill, Okla., and other army officers in 1918.
The Skull and Bones attorney and Jonathan Bush (brother of George Bush Sr.) met with the Apache delegation in New York. Former San Carlos Apache Chairman Ned Anderson and Apache Tribal Councilman Raleigh Thompson were in the Apache delegation. The society produced a skull, but Thompson said it was the skull of a child and was not accepted.
Thompson said Geronimo, Chiricahua Apache, had asked to be buried in the Triplet Mountains that he loved on San Carlos.
Currently, the Skull and Bones members are involved with the proposed Desert Rock Power Plant on the Navajo Nation. Sithe Global is primarily owned by the Blackstone Group, whose founder Stephen Schwarzman is a member of Skull and Bones.
The Yale secret society of Skull and Bones includes Bush family members and former presidential candidate John Kerry, which meant that two Bonesmen had vied to be president of the United States.
The Skull and Bonesmen seek global domination and control.
Schwarzman was previously affiliated with Lehman Brothers which was a former parent company of Peabody Coal. Earlier, Navajo, Hopi and Lakota protested during a stockholders meeting of Lehman Brothers in New York, concerning Peabody Coal's destruction on Black Mesa. It was among the most censored articles by the media. Arlene Hamilton died in a car crash after buying a small amount of stock in Lehman Brothers so the Native delegation could address Lehman Brothers stockholders.
The following website shows the Skull and Bones members and the company affiliations:

At the Navajo Fair, President Shirley's poison pen in backroom deal

Fluor In Pact To Design, Build Desert Rock Power Plant
September 07, 2007: 05:18 PM EST
Fluor Corp. (FLR) received a pact from Desert Rock Energy Co. to provide initial comprehensive program management services in the development of a power plant.
Financial terms of the agreement weren't disclosed, but Irving, Texas-based Fluor expects to book the value of the preliminary services during the third quarter. Fluor expects to receive the full value in mid-to-late 2008.
The company will provide services for the $3 billion design and construction of a 1,500 facility in New Mexico. The project is a joint effort between Desert Rock, the Navajo Nation and Sithe Global Power LLC.

Katrina cleanup and relief contract to Fluor, high Republican donor, questioned:

Fluor, disaster profiteers

AP: Fluor contract expected to start in 2008
IRVING, Texas - Engineering services provider Fluor Corp. said Friday it won a contract from Desert Rock Energy Co. LLC to provide management services for building a coal-fired power plant in New Mexico.
Financial terms were not disclosed.
The project is a joint development effort of the Navajo Nation's Dine Power Authority and Sithe Global Power LLC in Houston.
The award for preliminary services will be recorded in the fiscal third quarter and the full contract is expected in mid- to late-2008, once the air permit and financing have been secured.

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