Saturday, September 22, 2007

Zapatista bases fear violent evacuation by police

Zapatista Bases Fear a Violent Evacuation by Members of the UES and Police

It is Being Reported that People from the Town of Nuevo Gracias a Dios are Buying High-Powered Weapons; The Town of 24 de Diciembre is Surrounded by Police and Paramilitary Apprentices

By Hermann Bellinghausen
La Jornada
September 21, 2007
by way of Narco News
Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro de Michoacán, Chiapas. September 17, 2007: If what the Union of Forest Landownders (UES, in its Spanish initials) has been saying in their coming and going from Cruz del Rosario and Nuevo Momón to the settlement of Nuevo Gracias a Dios (recently built on lands that support bases of the EZLN from the town of 24 de Diciembre recently regained) is true, this coming October 8 they will start the evacuation of the Zapatista community, with support, they say, of the sector police, who has been camping on the opposite end of the Zapatista grounds.
The Good Government Council (Junta de Buen Gobierno, JBG) of Hacia La Esperanza has documented that this group of people is “buying high powered weapons.”

Mexico used rape and torture in drug war; women and children were victims:

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