Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Taser me down or suffocate me later

By Brenda Norrell

Taser me down, or suffocate me later -- what does the tasering of a student have to do with the protested Desert Rock Power Plant on the Navajo Nation? Skull and Bones.

Andrew Meyer, 21, was questioning John Kerry about his brotherhood with George Bush in the Skull and Bones society, when he was tasered, wrestled down by police and arrested Monday. In more than 1,000 articles online now, there are many spins. The bottom line is this student was asking the questions that the Bush Administration, Kerry and the corporate powers do not want asked about the 2004 election and the relationship of Bush and Kerry to their secret society at Yale University and the powers that rule the world. In the 2004 election, there were two Bonesmen: Bush and Kerry. This dark power is also on the Navajo Nation, in the form of Sithe Global, the corporate power behind the Desert Rock Power Plant. Sithe's primary owner is Blackstone. Blackstone's cofounder is Stephen Schwarzman, a member of Skull and Bones. Read more:

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Third Rail said...

This is the vantage point of the taser incident at the Kerry speech that no one wants you to see. Check it out at www.thirdrailradio.com