Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Native Movement Alaska attracts youth leadership

The Arctic Institute for Indigenous Leadership, hosted by Native Movement Alaska, successfully completes the first of two week-long gatherings

Anchorage, AK – Twenty-eight young Alaska Native leaders (18-35 years old) from around the state of Alaska were selected and completed the first week-long gathering of the Arctic Institute for Indigenous Leadership (AIIL), held in Fairbanks. The goal of the AIIL is to support the personal and professional growth of young leaders while providing an opportunity to build a statewide network. The Institute was effective in building trust, common understanding, and mutual support among the community.
According to Karlin Itchoak, AIIL participant and owner of Itchoak Tribal Services,“(The) AIIL is amazing! What an important group of young and inspiring leaders. The group is well balanced, intuitive, intelligent, and rooted in the retaining and maintaining of Native cultures, and traditions all with a passion and commitment toward leadership. These young leaders are free-thinking visionaries with creative and unique ideas for problem-solving and consensus building.”

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