Friday, September 7, 2007

Canada's 'Rawhide' tactics: 'Divide 'em up, 'Round 'em up, Move 'em out'

Why we’re wary of outside “help”. We’ve been burnt before.

Mohawk Nation News
Sept. 7, 2007

The Akwesasne tragedy of 1990 when two Mohawk men were killed was a sad learning experience. It showed us how the colonial authorities can destroy people’s good intentions. To mess us up, the outsiders sent in a group and told them to take any side. Then another group was sent in to work with the other side. They did this to get us fighting. In the end two men were killed. Does it surprise you that they were ours?

Frontenac Ventures’ idea of what is good for Sharbot and Ardoc Lake Algonquins conflicts with the desires of both the Indigenous people and the settlers in the area. All want to live a healthy lifestyle without uranium contamination.

Just because a group calls itself “Christian” does not mean that their motives are altruistic.
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