Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Katrina's Flood: Apartheid and ethnic cleansing in New Orleans

Why hasn't the U.S. Congress probed the Apartheid that followed Hurricane Katrina? The neutered Congress does not want to deal with the controversial issue of racism in America

By Brenda Norrell
Human Rights Editor
U.N. OBERVER & International Report

TUCSON, Ariz. -- There is a new film out about Apartheid and ethnic cleansing. No, it is not about South Africa, it is about the United States' Apartheid in New Orleans. You might not have heard of this film, unless you follow the underground railroad in America, that's truth-seekers censored by the mainstream media.
"Welcome to New Orleans," is the story of Common Ground, the grassroots organization that rose up out of Katrina's flood waters to deliver aid to neighborhoods in Algiers and New Orleans in 2005.
In some ways, the 58-minute documentary is a simple story, revealing how Common Ground cofounder Malik Rahim and volunteers served their neighbors. But it is also the story of Apartheid and ethnic cleansing in America.
Rising above all of this, it is the story of hope. When Rahim issued the call across America for help, because white mercenaries were shooting blacks, it was white people, like Scott Crow of Texas, who responded to help create a grassroots clinic. Rahim says there is no amount of money that can repay those who responded during those first days after Katrina's flood waters swept through and devoured communities. This is what gives him hope.
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lawgrace said...


Department are INTERTWINED. The New Orleans Federal Court has a
consistent pattern of RULING AGAINST MINORITIES, throwing out their cases, and refusing to allow equal access to justice.

also becoming more clear how deeply the New Orleans division of the
United States Department of Justice, headed by UNITED STATES ATTORNEY JIM LETTEN is connected to MAINTAINING INjustice.

The pre-Katrina New Orleans "Family Court system" is a reason for many
social ills which now other cities and states which house evacuees
have also incurred. One major problem is the Louisiana "Boiler Room" Justice (see

Aside from those state of affairs, too many New Orleans judges are
benefitting from QUESTIONABLE PERKS from attorneys who appear in their
courts. In particular is the "Jamaican Sunset" matter which has been extensively reported about in the New Orleans newspaper. For example, see 3 news articles: "Jamaica vs. work? Judges head for beach; Meanwhile, cases continue to pile up", July 9, 2006, Times-Picayune (New Orleans); "Belt-tightening doesn't apply to judicial robes; N.O. judge's jaunts include ski resort", May 28, 2006, Times-Picayune (New Orleans); EDITORIAL: "Do you like piƱa coladas?", July 15, 2006
Times-Picayune (New Orleans).

Further, regarding the nationwide foreclosure epidemic, New Orleans is consistent with reports on a MORTGAGE SERVICING WEBSITE, at (In Louisiana, debt collector Herschel Adcock, Jr., is the chief debt collector for MERS. Facts /evidence proves Adcock is rampantly involved in Louisianan debt collections practices which violate 15 U.S.C.§ 1601 et seq., and various RICO activity with mortgage and real estate.)

* *A CAUTION ALERT to Mayor Ray Nagin from the ELITE would probably
sound like this: Don't be surprised when the political maffia jumps
your back or the back of someone with close ties to you. You have been informed in writing that your goal to build a "justice complex" in an undesirable part of town is, and would be an inconvenience to the HAVES, regardless that the HAVE NOTS have been inconvenienced at
Tulane and Broad for many many years. You've provided a good service by squealing on people connected to former Mayor Marc Morial, and you've helped oppression and subjugation agendas. Now, don't go getting any
big ideas.

SEE more postings:
"New Orleans Federal Agents: Who Will Be Their Next 'Going Jacques
Morial' Victim?

"KINDERGARTEN and U.S. Senator DAVID VITTER, Give Me A Break!"

Casualties From New Orleans Ineptness and Corruption Coming To A City Near You

"Anatomy of Judicial Corruption,. . ."


"No One Should Be Required To Be A Law Abiding Citizen. . ."