Friday, September 7, 2007

Navajo Fair: Shirley's poison pen in backroom deal

On the same day that Navajo President Joe Shirley, Jr., mourned the loss of the traditional way of life with his words, he entered into a dark alliance with one of the world's most evil and treacherous corporate agendas, the Skull and Bones family of parasites preying on Indigenous Peoples

Secret Contract Signing Behind Rodeo Bleachers at Navajo Nation Fair – And That’s No Bull!

President Shirley continues to negotiate with corporations despite community opposition: Desert Rock Energy Co., LLC signs agreement with Fluor Corporation in secret meeting to solidify construction plans of the proposed Desert Rock Power Plant

By Elouise Brown
Dooda Desert Rock

WINDOW ROCK, AZ -- On Friday, September 7 at 1:30pm, Dooda’ Desert Rock attended a private VIP event lead by Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley. In his address to the exclusive crowd of corporate staff, organized labor, and elected officials, President Shirley spoke of bringing the proposed Desert Rock Plant to “fruition” and “solidifying” the project in an attempt to condition the public as if it was a done deal. In attendance were Sithe Global, LLC, Desert Rock Energy Company, LLC, Dine’ Power Authority, and AFL-CIO, the majority of whom are non-Navajo people.
“Joe Shirley paints the illusion that Desert Rock is going to be great for us. He stated ‘I don’t want my people to be dependant on others. I want them to be independent,’ yet Shirley is fostering a relationship with Sithe Global that creates dependence on corporations that will devour natural resources and cause irreparable damage to our Land Water, and Air,” said Elouise Brown, President of the Dooda’ Desert Rock committee. “Independence means sustainability. There is no such thing as “clean coal.”
Brown and Dooda’ Desert Rock supporters attended to observe the non-public event. “We were told this was a VIP event and we needed badges to get in, but when we did finally get in no one was wearing badges,” said Marty Aranaydo, Dooda’ Desert Rock supporter. Government and corporate interests were well-represented at the event, but the voice of the Navajo people was not included nor heard. There was no time allowed for comments or questions in the short program.
“It upsets me to hear my President talking about solidifying the Desert Rock project in closed-quarters without proper consent of the Navajo Nation citizens,” said Cy Wagoner, Dooda’ Desert Rock supporter.
Brown further states, “This was a private event - a ‘back room’ deal. The President and the Dine’ Power Authority are acting without a public process, signing a contract without the active participation of Navajo citizens. Where was the public invitation to the Nation? It is unacceptable that our president ushers in a contract with a non-native company in a private VIP setting. The private setting shows an acknowledgement of the lack of communities’ support of the Desert Rock project. If the communities were behind the project, this would have been a public event held in the stands of the rodeo with the people present, not in the shadows of the bleachers in an unmarked tent.”

Photo 1: Utah Navajo Photo 2: Navajo protester outside Navajo Nation Council chambers censored by Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr.'s staff

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