Friday, September 7, 2007

Border regime resistance Calexico/Mexicali

“Mommy, What Was a Border?”

A call to resistance against the border regime

An invitation to the 2007 No Borders Camp in Calexico/Mexicali

There is a regime of terror spreading across the land. Racist laws, arbitrary detention, unwarranted prosecution and the deportation of thousands are dividing families and driving a wedge through our communities. An emboldened Department of Homeland Security is attacking people in their homes, workplaces, on the highways, at grocery stores. Police agencies nationwide are collaborating in the attack on immigrants, one of the most visible targets in America’s war against the “other." In southern Arizona, we are on the front lines of this war.
Every morning more than 2,000 Border Patrol agents report for duty through Tucson out into the Altar Valley and Tohono O’odham nation to the west. Remote camera towers monitor every activity of the civilian population. Walls, roads and other enforcement infrastructure have ravaged the fragile landscape. Racist vigilantes have operated for years with virtual impunity. And every year hundreds upon hundreds of migrants die attempting to cross the desert.


Anonymous said...

so let me understand this, when a government upholds its laws it is somehow acting unfairly? i am also wondering why you are not referring to the mexican border policy on its southern border. interesting . . .

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight, a when a country enforces its laws there is something wrong in that?