Monday, September 22, 2008

Ancestors Reburial at Tsewhitzen

by Daughter of Tse Whit Zen
It is hard to explain what the last five years have been like for the Elwha People. The Tsewhitzen village has been in existence since at least 2,700 years. Just how many more years was never determined because excavation had been stopped by the Elwha Tribe.The Washington State Department of Transportation had chosen Port Angeles as the site to build a graving yard to repair the aging Hood Canal Bridge. The City of Port Angeles and Washington State and the Elwha Tribe knew the village was there ...
Tribal members were hired to dig up the remains of their own ancestors. They worked hard to stay ahead of the State’s voracious machines. Some of the graves were from the smallpox and influenza times. We were reminded that at one time this government tried to kill all of the First Peoples of this land.Our Elders began having strokes and heart attacks. Some fell. Tribal members began having episodes of grief and anger.
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Thank you for the Tsewhitzen notice and link to your Blog where you tell the story of the unconscionable desecration of your family. I congratulate you and your supporters for the strength and commitment to the Ancestors.
My very best to you,
"Rudy" Rudolph C. RĂ¿ser, PhD Chair of the Board Center for World Indigenous Studies
Olympia, Washington USA

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