Breaking the chains of centuries of slavery in Bolivia

Breaking the chains of centuries of slavery in Bolivia
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Today in Bolivia there is an on-going struggle between the Indigenous people of South America against their White Masters. The Aymara, the Guarani and the Quechua are all ancient Bolivians who were driven off their lands by the invading Spaniards that made them slaves. The slavery of centuries of White domination in Bolivia came to an end with the election of Evo Morales himself a native Bolivian. The passage of laws by the Bolivian government has returned to native Bolivians their lands, and this has caused the rich land-owners and the business elites, all of who was White or from outside Bolivia fear that they no longer can lay down the law. These enslavers of Bolivia’s natives sought to hold a referendum to separate and create their own country from the richest province of Bolivia, aided by corporate America. But that plan has failed because it was illegal to begin with. Of course the U.S. corporations were against Evo Morales because he was bringing in laws that returned to the native Bolivians their lands from which they were driven off centuries ago. Now the Aymara, the Guarani and the Quechua Indians are building their own villages and beginning to farm on lands that were theirs long before time. It is in this spirit that the Bolivia will progress and take its place among the emerging nations of South America. That under the leadership of Evo Morales the native peoples of Bolivia will once again hold their heads up high and become part of the New and Vitalized South America. Let there be hope for the Aymara, the Guarani and Quechua Indians in a South America that is vibrant and growing stronger each and every day. The examples of Hugo Chaves and Evo Morales should be there to guide them to a prosperous and glorious future. The Bolivian peoples have taken the first step into the 21st century and let there is no turning back for them. My brothers and neighbours in South America, you are on the way up, and let nothing stop you now.
Kenneth T. Tellis


angel emilio said…
Beatiful, I love it. don let they stop you now. Que nadie los detenga en la lucha hasta la victoria. Que los que cometan crimines como a los ocho que mataron que sean traidos a la justicia
angel emilio said…
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