Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mohawks: Assaults at border ignored by mainstream media

Another assault at border - Important trial ignored by mainstream media
Mohawk Nation News
Sep. 17, 2008. “Harassment at the Canada-US border is an every day occurrence”, said Ia:hawi, a 44-year old mother of seven. On December 18, 2006, she went to the Canada Customs House on Cornwall Island to deliver a notice for a friend who had been falsely pulled over and accused of running the port. He told the agents to “F--k off” and then left. He’s lived there all his life and his id showed he was “Indian”.
The purported U.S.-Canada border cuts right through the middle of the Akwesasne “Indian” community. There are 5 colonial jurisdictions – U.S. , Canada , New York State , Ontario and Quebec . The situation is hell for the community members. They have to cross several times a day and go through almost daily brutality by the Canada Border Services Agents CBSA.
About 3 years ago Ia:hawi was 7 months pregnant. She was pulled over for a “routine check” and held in the holding cell. She had nothing to eat, got stressed out and started going into labor. She called for help. They told her to sit there and wait. All she could do was lay on her back on the bench with her feet on the wall to prevent her baby from coming prematurely. Eventually they deported her to the U.S. and ordered not to return to Canada . CBSA separated her from her family for a whole year.
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