Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sally's murder: 'Meant to terrorize a population'

Hasta Siempre Sally Grace: Another US Activist Murdered in Oaxaca
by Kristin Bricker
Narco News

In my memories of Sally Grace, she looks just like the photograph of her that her friends published along with the communique denouncing that she was raped and murdered--laughing and smiling with a camera in her hand ...
Sally's raped and decaying body turned up in a cabin 20 minutes outside of San Jose del Pacifico. A neighbor noticed the smell and called the police.
According to the friend who identified the body, her face was unrecognizable: it was black as if it had been burned, and all of her hair was gone as if it had been ripped out. But Julieta Cruz recognized Sally's tattoos.
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