Friday, September 12, 2008

Inside the Checkpoints: The good news and the bad news

Inside the Checkpoints
by Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.
Naco, Arizona border wall/Photo Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Secretary Michael Chertoff, filed by the US-Mexico Border Plaintiffs, ruling in favor of the Federal Government

When it comes to the border wall there is no end of the bad news.
So, the Bad news first. Because the people who reside in Texas along the Mexico border put up a wall of opposition to the building of a Berlin-like wall through their communities, on April 3, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff waived 36 Congressional Acts passed over 109 years by the people’s Congress. Those very same laws were in place to protect the people and our great land from such flagrant violations of the earth and humanity. Chertoff waived those laws in order to build an “iron curtain” of “apartheid” through a community and a culture of Americans.
That did not stop sincere citizens from expressing their horror over such an assault. From El Paso to Brownsville, the people of Texas, who reside in friendship with their family and neighbors along the Mexico border, have stood their ground in the face of an overt assault on their border community.
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