Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mohawks on Bailout: Chicken S--ts are Coming Home to Roost

Sept. 28, 2008. Who will control “Wall Street”, which some are now calling “Wail Street”? It’s the age old battle over control of the eastern part of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, known as Haudenosaunee [Iroquois] territory. “Wall Street” is at the end of Manhattan Island. It was the dividing line between the Dutch colony and the Indians. This is where trade and commerce took place between us and our European visitors. It became the financial capital of the world for goods, money, buying and selling. We never surrendered our land. Every inch of soil they stand on is ours. We hold it for the benefit of future generations. Those latte-guzzling Armani suits don’t think about this. That $24 payment to somebody for our island is another white man’s delusion.
The big gambling houses that buy and sell stocks in New York City are in jeopardy. The U.S. corporation known as the “government” is extracting $750 billion of the taxpayers’ money to pay off these thieving loan sharks. Of course, it must be remembered that the people of U.S. and Canada have made their money through the exploitation of Indigenous resources and destruction of our environment.
The “bail out” looks like a way to get control of Indigenous territory by grabbing our land in lieu of unpaid housing mortgages and businesses of the unsuspecting U.S. people. There is very little public outcry over this highway robbery except on the internet. These obscene carpetbaggers make the robber barons look like boy scouts. In this credit and borrowing “shake down” the oligarchs hope to snatch $4 trillion worth of our real estate. It’s illegal. It’s fraud. It’s a power grab. The outcome will be financial tyranny on the populace.
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Michael said...

You are right, as have been your Fathers and Grandfathers before them as they fought, spoke out, and died due to the injustices and wrongful deeds of cancerous "expansionism" wrought by the "Elitists" minority that runs things.
(As my Caucasian race is, for the most part, just now finally starting to wake up and discover.)

Way, too many of them, however, will die with their eyes, and spirits, still blinded to the Truth.

The time has come to stop pointing fingers at one another, and to focus, discern, and see just "who" the real enemies are.

It is time for all peoples, red, black, brown, yellow, and come together and turn our backs to those "few" who hold the power of "false securities" and return to the "old ways" together.

Those with "True discernment" must step forward and speak direction (we will know them when they speak)...not in "power grabs" to satisfy their own ego, but in compassion and self set example and "teach" the rest of us who need help in understanding what we, as simple people must do to return to where we all "belong" with each other, one with Earth, and one with the Universe.

This "cycle" is proceeding as it was "foretold". A new dawn is arriving. It is not going to be easy...but, if we all "shake off the past" and come will be a bright shiny future for all of our children.

Anger and Rage are good right now. They cleanse the soul...Keep your voice going...however, be very cautious that it doesn't turn your deeds and heart to total alienation and distrust...There are some of us, of "other colors", who also relate with the same hatreds and angers...(due to our own "histories of injustices".)

Peace will be found with "Righteous Anger"...and it's now.