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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bailout protest: 'Lunatics are running the asylum'

In front of the federal building today in Tucson, protesters demanded "No Bush Bail Out." (Photo copyright Brenda Norrell) Listen to today's protesters below.

Article and photo by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
TUCSON – Protesting outside the federal building in downtown Tucson, Attorney Bill Risner and other protesters called for no, “Bush Bail Out” on Thursday. Stating the frightening prospect of John McCain becoming president, Risner said McCain may very well have mental problems and Sarah Palin has already failed the test of sanity.
Risner said the US financial bailout for the “Bush gang of criminals” is a frightening possibility.
“If Obama wins, his hands are tied," Risner said on the street in front of the federal building, surrounded by bailout protesters.
Risner said the Obama administration would find it difficult to fund heath care and other services for the American public, since the current administration is bent on giving away money to hedge funds and billionaires.
If McCain wins the presidency, the outcome would be truly frightening for America, he said.
“I do believe they are capable of anything. These guys killed 3,000 people at the World Trade Center. If you will commit that crime, you will do anything.”
Risner said the Bush criminal gang is afraid of any power that will bring them to justice. Further, Risner said McCain is uninterested in facts or the government.
Risner said McCain may very well have "some sort of mental problems" and Palin certainly does. McCain's "vice president wants to bring Jesus back by starting a war in the Middle East so that Armageddon happens quickly," he said.
Risner also pointed out that Palin believes that what happens in the Middle East is the “will of God.”
“She is really a wacko.”
Risner said Palin’s comments about God and the Middle East “qualifies one for insanity in that office.”
“Lunatics are running the asylum.”
Standing outside the federal building, which includes FBI offices, Risner said the crowd came to protest the bailout of the “Bush criminal gang of Wall Street buddies.”
Risner said Bush is taking “everyone to the cleaners” before he gets out of office.
Referring to the financial collapse of US corporations, Risner recalled that Bush earlier described the economy as a “House of cards.” Risner said now the house of cards should be allowed to fall, so a new foundation can be built. Borrowing another trillion only means “digger yourself deeper into the hole.”
“They are for sure not telling us what the real reasons are, or what the endgame is.”
“They all got over-extended,” Risner said of the corporations, pointing out how companies have been borrowing money and then couldn’t come up with the money when it was necessary.
One of the results of the current crisis was that mortgages were bundled and the bottom group of buyers was sure to lose.
Risner joined other protesters to make one point: In the end, the bottom line is the American taxpayer is sure to lose.
"It is a big money grab. Bush hoped to get it with no strings attached," said Jackie, a woman who has spent two days here protesting the bailout.
Jackie said the rich are the first to get bailouts, while average Americans struggle to pay their mortgages. She joined protesters holding signs saying, "Bail out main street first."
As for the rich, who don't even know how many homes they own, Jackie said, "Let them empty their pockets first."
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libhom said...

I don't think the people running things are lunatics. I think they are criminals.

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