Monday, June 7, 2010

Canada Prevents Mohawks from Returning from Bolivia with Haudenosaunee Passports

By Greg Horn • Tue, Jun 01, 2010

When a delegation from Kahnawake travelled to Bolivia last month to take part in an environmental conference they had no idea that it would turn into an exercise in self-determination and a fight for Indigenous rights. For Kanen’tokon Hemlock, Tyler Hemlock and Kahnawiio Dione a ten-day trip to the South American country turned into 29 days – most of which were spent in San Salvador, El Salvador trying to get home.

The three Kahnawa’kehr√≥:non travelled to Bolivia as the Mohawk Delegation for the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. The Kahnawake Delegation was appointed by the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake and travelled on the Haudenosaunee Passport. Prior to their trip, the delegation went to the Bolivian Embassy in Ottawa to get visas to be able travel to Bolivia on their passports.


dyfet said...

It is very inspirational to hear about how important they appreciated it was to retain and use their Haudenosaunee passports and documents, and I am glad they were able to eventually return to their homes.

Anonymous said...

the first republic has shown that it still teaches there young the right ways of the SIX NATIONS of the HAUDENOSAUNEE. Iam so proud of them!

sandra beasley unenrolled cherokee african american white said...

wow what a story! I am so proud of the Haudenosaunee standing up for who they are and saying we are not canadian or american we are Haudenosaunee. I wish that all tribal nations all over the world would have our own passports instead of the american,candian,passports etc because it would show that we are a sovergin nation with our own laws and traditions than that over world law. By that I am saying us law canadian law etc.I am praying that this is the decdae that this will happen.May every Native American Aborgional and indgeinous persons start saying where ever they are they are not American,or Canadian.That they take the lead of our brothers and sisters of the Haudenosonee and say I am Cherokee, I am Lakota etc becasue that is who we are and It is where we come from.And I pray that they will go on may more amazing journeys all over the world and keep telling their stories.