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Friday, March 5, 2010

Native Music Festival Albuquerque 2010

J. J. Otero
Rock The 9 Native Music Festival
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The 3rd Annual Rock The 9 Native Music Festival
Albuquerque, NM, March 2, 2010 - Rock The 9 Native Music Festival is an annual rock and roll music showcase to be held in Albuquerque, NM from April 22nd through April 24th, 2010. The festival features the music and comedy of many aspiring Native American musicians, bands, and comedians as well as some of its most distinguished visionaries.
In its third year, this three night event is to be held for the first two nights, Thursday and Friday, at Albuquerque's newest roots music venue, Low Spirits Bar & Stage. For the final Saturday evening, the event will move to an acoustic dinner show format at The Blackbird Buvette and finish the musical night at the most revered Albuquerque venue for live music, the Launchpad.
On the music roster, we have 15 bands from all around the Southwest and the US and Canada including local New Mexico favorites, The Plateros, Saving Damsels, The Old Main, The Jir Project, Moeity, The Wake Singers, Gregg Analla, and Black Child Red. From out of state, we have Darren Geffre (South Dakota), Shakti Hayes (Canada), Chucki Begay and Mother Earth Blues Band (Arizona), DelHell County (Arizona), and MCiSAGE (California).
Saturday will be an extra special night featuring the reunion of one of Indian Country's greatest bands, Red Earth. Fueled with funk, metal, rock, reggae, jazz, cumbia, and samba, Red Earth will be doing a one hour set to close out Rock The 9 at The Launchpad.
In addition to the great musical lineup, we have the services of nationally known Native American comedians, Ernest David Tsosie, James Junes, and Tatanka Means to serve as the comedic relievers for the first two evenings.
For additional information on Rock The 9 Native Music Festival, contact J. J. Otero or visit
Rock The 9 is J. J. Otero and several volunteers who had a desire to fill the festival space around the country with a venue for good rock and roll music performed by Native American musicians. J. J. Otero is Navajo and Hopi and is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Saving Damsels.
Rock The 9 provides musical events promotion, organization, and booking.